Proven 7-Step Process

Avenue7Media handles seven critical steps to Amazon success for you so that you can focus on making amazing products.

Avenue7Media’s proven Seven-Step Process flips that story so that your brand benefits from the firehose of traffic on Amazon. We manage everything (registration, research, listing optimization, inventory management, traffic strategies, customer service, and continuous improvement). You can focus on creating amazing products for your customers.

1. Register Your Brand

Avenue7Media reviews and optimizes your account to protect your brand and grow your sales. If you aren’t registered with Amazon yet, talk to us first!

2. Research Your Industry

We inform decisions with exhaustive ongoing research of your products (and your competitors’ products), product categories, and search keyword performance.

3. Optimize Your Listings

Our team creates retail-ready listings that rank and sell. We take care of all of the graphic design and SEO-optimized merchandising copy, even full infographics. Anyone can create an Amazon listing, but it takes a team of experts to create a listing that maximizes sales.

4. Manage Your FBA Inventory

Avenue7Media helps you maintain your Amazon inventory scores and reminds you when it is time to restock.

5. Drive Your Traffic

We use both on-Amazon and off-Amazon traffic strategies to drive sales rank and profitable sales growth.

6. Serve Your Customers

We even handle customer service and Amazon-approved review management. We’ve got it covered. You focus on making great products.

7. Launch, Learn, Act, Repeat

Amazon constantly changes and new competitors launch daily. The metrics tell an experienced seller how to respond, make your way up the ranks, and grow your business on Amazon.

Satisfied Customers Tell Our Story

“We were selling well on Amazon, but noticed that competitors were constantly ranking above us. Jason and his team really understand the Amazon landscape. They helped us gain control of our store. Sales increased and the professionalism of our pages became apparent.”

Mark Robinson

Walkin’ Pets

“Creating a listing that can compete with the ocean of other products offered on Amazon is an overwhelming task.

Avenue7Media helped us reach more customers everywhere, and created listings that allowed our products to shine.

With almost immediate results, we saw our business grow month to month. With the feeling of working side by side with a partner in crime, our products have more reviews, more clicks, and definitely more sales.”

Gabriela Mekler