and they won’t lift a finger to help your business. But if you have a private label brand, you have no choice but to offer your products on Amazon. Why? That is where the shoppers are.

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Amazon owns more than 50% of the online market share and its the final click for half of online sales, no matter where the first click came from. So if you are a product maker, brand, wholesaler, distributor looking to private label, or a brand new entrepreneur looking to properly sell on Amazonthis book is for you.
~Jason R. Boyce

I have been building iconic brands for over 25 years, through every conceivable marketing channel. I thought I knew what I was doing until Amazon came along. Creating a new brand or marketing an existing brand on Amazon was different than anything I had done before. Luckily, I met Jason and we have been able to “crack the code” on how to do this successfully on Amazon.
~Rick Cesari

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“Finally, a book that describes the inside knowledge of how to work the Amazon   platform. If your business uses Amazon as a channel, then you  need to read this   book. It’s the map that will bring you to your objectives.”

Jim Schleckser

Best Selling Author, Great CEOs are Lazy, and CEO of the Inc CEO Project

“Navigating Amazon can be a daunting experience for a small business with no  experience. Creating a listing that can compete with the ocean of other products offered is an overwhelming task, and when on top of that you need to create ads that
can reach the potential customers and bring you significant business it becomes OVERWHELMING and almost impossible.

Avenue 7 Media gave us the right support and guidance to tame the tides and  navigate towards a growing business, helped us reach more customers everywhere, and created the right listings that allowed our products to shine and come out on top of searches next to hundreds of other products in the same categories. With  almost immediate results, we saw our business grow month to month. With the  feeling of working side by side with a partner in crime, our products have more  reviews, more clicks, and definitely more sales.”

Gabriela Mekler


“As a long-time successful Amazon Seller, it has become increasingly clear selling and making money on Amazon is becoming harder as the rate of change and challenges on Amazon is increasing at an exponential rate. Jason’s in the trenches, 
hands-on experience building a larger Amazon seller business and consulting with numerous other Sellers, has made Jason one of the most knowledgeable people in the Amazon seller space. Anyone who is currently selling on Amazon or contemplating selling on Amazon, needs a guide like this book to help you navigate The Amazon Jungle. Jason and this book are your Jungle Guide.”

Jerry Kavesh

CEO, 3P Marketplace Solutions

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Jason Boyce, author of The Amazon Jungle and founder of Amazon seller consultant group Avenue7Media

Meet Jason

Jason is a business graduate who gained valuable management experience as a commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps. Following the Marine Corps, Jason worked for Johnson & Johnson before co-founding In 17 years at Dazadi, an eight-figure Amazon Seller, Jason added skills sets including but not limited to raising capital, designing & sourcing private label products worldwide, software development & project management, business financial analysis, digital marketing, logistics planning for both small and large items, developing A+ employees, and developing successful strategies for success in the ever-changing world of e-commerce.

Additionally, Jason has managed relationships with all major U.S. Online Marketplaces including;,,,, Houzz, Newegg, BestBuy, Google,, and others. 

Jason guided Dazadi from zero to an eight-figure business at the time of exit. His success as a Top 200 Amazon Private Label Seller has led to interviews by media outlets such as
CNBC, PBS Frontline, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, New York Times, and The Washington Post among others. Additionally, he has spoken at industry-leading trade shows and conferences, including being a regular panelist, for the Internet Retailer Conference, The Prosper Show, and Big Commerce. He has also served on boards and as an advisor to several e-commerce companies, private label sellers, and Amazon businesses.

Rick Cesari, Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote speaker and D2C Marketing Strategist

Meet Rick

Rick has been a pioneer in the Direct to Consumer(D2C) marketing industry for over 25 years. He has used direct response strategies plus video marketing, to help build many iconic brands, products like, The Juiceman, Sonicare, The George Foreman Grill, OxiClean, Clarisonic, Rug Doctor, Momentus Golf, The GoPro camera and many others. Rick’s strategies have helped grow four companies from start-ups to over a billion dollars in sales. These case studies are outlined in his book, Building Billion Dollar Brands, available on Amazon. His book, Video Persuasion teaches people how to use video marketing to create authentic testimonials, grow their business and build their brand.

Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote speaker and D2C Marketing Strategist, Rick enjoys working with and learning from other entrepreneurs and business owners. He is the recognized leader in utilizing all forms of video as a powerful, effective differentiator for consumer brands. Rick continues to be on the cutting edge of new direct response and brand advertising campaigns, creating and implementing innovative cross-platform strategies that utilize the basic tenets of direct response marketing and its accountable ROI approach to selling.

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