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We were handling Amazon on our own, and completely befuddled by the vast array of requirements, opportunities, and methods of successful selling. Amazon is a complex and constantly changing platform. We were selling well, but noticed that competitors were constantly ranking above us. Every time we’d start to understand something, Amazon would change it on us.

Jason and his team really understand the Amazon landscape. They know what’s going on, what’s coming up, and how to deal with it.

Over the next several months, we gained control of our store. Sales increased and the professionalism of our pages became apparent. We were able to navigate the insanity.

Mark Robinson

Founder and CEO, Walkin’ Pets

Amazon is such a contorted organization to work with that we realized we needed a team of specialists to navigate its landscape if we had hope of truly breaking into that market arena.

We felt continually frustrated. The old “one step forward, two steps backward” adage. As a consumer I love Amazon, but as a business owner, they are extremely frustrating and difficult to deal with and to navigate successfully.

Everything changed when we started working with Avenue 7 Media! Slowly, of course, as we needed to make numerous course corrections along the way to get the ship righted. But we can now see light at the end of the tunnel, with genuine hope of seeing success in this arena.

Still too early to tell, we’ve just gotten the ship mostly righted and we are now beginning with a marketing push per Avenue 7’s recommendations.

Dr. Shawn Seitz

President and CEO, Alpha Tech Pet, Inc.

It is not often that you find a partner who cares about your brand and success as much as you do.

It is not often that you find a partner who cares about your brand and success as much as you do. Avenue7Media is that type of partner. With their Amazon expertise and knowledge, it allows us to focus on strategy and our own direct channels while leaving the details of managing Amazon to Jason and his team.

Preparing meeting agendas, following through on Todos on a consistent basis so you never have to check if a decided action was done or not – simple things but for some reason something that most vendors have difficulty with, are easy and a normal way of business for Avenue7Media.

If you are looking for a vendor who operates as an extension of your own team and allows you to focus on building your business then you will be in good hands with 7th Avenue Media.

Scott Reid

CEO, Dormeo

Navigating Amazon can be a daunting experience for a small business with no experience. Creating a listing that can compete with the ocean of other products offered is an overwhelming task, and when on top of that you need to create ads that can reach the potential customers and bring you significant business it becomes OVERWHELMING and almost impossible.

Avenue 7 Media gave us the right support and guidance to tame the tides and navigate towards a growing business, helped us reach more customers everywhere, and created the right listings that allowed our products to shine and come out on top of searches next to hundreds of other products in the same categories.

With almost immediate results, we saw our business grow month to month. With the feeling of working side by side with a partner in crime, our products have more reviews, more clicks, and definitely more sales.

Gabriela Mekler

Co-Founder, mumidesign.com

We run marketing for an animal care company that makes cleaners, odor removers and disinfectants for pets.

For over a year we were trying to get our Amazon machine running but to no avail. Only one of our eight products was selling and even that was nowhere near our competition. We just couldn’t manage the changes and demands that Amazon tasked us with and we couldn’t figure out their secret sauce.

Then we met Jason at Avenue 7 Media and he/they changed our world. Within months our account was cleaned up- with a brand new Amazon storefront- and our sales escalated on all of our products, not just one. We were actually put into the position of keeping things in stock (which we never had to worry about before). It was a complete turnaround.

It must also be noted that, simultaneously, COVID19 threw all kinds of Amazon curveballs at us. But Avenue 7’s team hit all of them out of the park. It was amazing to watch them solve one issue after another.

Now we have a thriving Amazon account and are in the process of adding new products. I highly recommend Avenue 7. They are worth every penny and are the perfect Amazon insurance policy.

Randy Barth

Founder & CEO, Honce Oui Media

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