Brand & Creative Strategy Manager (PH)

Position Responsibilities

Brand Content Knowledge – Onboarding & Ongoing

  • Facilitate conversations with clients throughout the entire client lifecycle to understand their: Brand positioning, voice, and identity
  • Product value propositions and product benefits
  • Brand guidelines
  • Transfer brand knowledge and guidelines to other teams within the organization
  • Collaborate with internal teams to ensure consistent branding and messaging across all content

Creative Strategy

  • Understand client business goals; set and execute a creative strategy that aligns with these goals
  • Holistically manage the Product Listing and Store creative strategy to maximize sales performance.
  • Objectives: Drive traffic, improve conversion rates, ensure customer clarity and satisfaction
  • Regularly communicate with clients and the client engagement team/account managers to ensure their satisfaction and address any concerns or feedback
  • Provide creative strategy for the creation of advertising & traffic assets such as Ad Creative and Posts

Supervise the Listing Specialist teams

  • Provide daily supervision and instruction
  • Provide training as needed
  • Ensure Listing Specialists, in partnership with Graphic Designers, are producing best-in class fully optimized Listing and Store Content including:The research process: Brand, Customer, Product and Competitor Research Copy that is both compelling and Search Engine Optimized
  • Main and Secondary Images, A+ Graphics, Storefronts and Posts that emphasize product benefits and are optimized for conversion rate
  • Ongoing Conversion Rate Optimization of Listings
  • Monitoring of customer review trends and incorporation of customer sentiment into the Listings to improve customer clarity, experience and star rating
  • Creation of data-informed Listing & Store proposals and briefs for client approval & for the internal content & design teams to utilize to execute performance-driven creative
  • Creation and monitoring of tickets and task requests in Teamwork

Close coordination with other Avenue7Media teams

  • Good communication and prioritization is essential to every project’s success. Project and Task goals should be identified and questions or issues addressed as quickly as possible.
  • Work directly with cross functional teams including graphic designers, advertising, compliance and catalog to ensure deadlines and compliance and quality standards are met and to ensure consistent branding and messaging across all content
  • Partner on a daily basis with the Client Engagement Team/Account Managers to ensure Creative priorities are being managed appropriately and that there is alignment around timelines and due dates
  • Set content creation priorities and timeline expectations with other internal teams
  • Maintain ticket or task monitoring spreadsheets for workflow visibility

Tools & Skills

Knowledge of the following:

  • G-Suite
  • Teamwork Suite
  • Amazon Seller / Vendor Central
  • Walmart Seller Central
  • Slack
  • Helium10
  • Other Ave7-assigned tools
  • Familiarity with design, copywriting, ecomm/online marketing.

Attend and Facilitate Meetings

  • Participate in all scheduled and unscheduled meetings as requested.
  • Prepare for, and attend client meetings
  • Facilitate Brand Content Onboarding meetings with clients

Continued Education and Training

  • Attend and participate in all Ave7-offered training pertaining to this position
  • Participate in the Seller University training and obtain certification as appropriate

Time Tracking

  • Daily record all tasks performed in Teamwork
  • Create and maintain personal payroll and HR records, and if applicable, maintain your employee data in ADP WorkForce Now, or non-Philippine Contractor data in Deel

Other duties as assigned


Posted on

February 28, 2024