Over 20 years, Avenue7Media has grown a top-200 seller on Amazon, substantially improved sales performance for seven, eight and nine-figure brands, and contributed to greater than 2X growth for most of our clients.

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About Avenue7Media

Our Founder & CEO’s Story

My entrepreneurial journey started when my brothers and I, all avid Laker fans, started selling basketball hoops online at SuperDuperHoops. We pledged to create a brand of fun products that reflected our family values. Our mission statement was simple: Instructions: Play. We quickly grew from $100 thousand in sales in 2002 to $1 million in 2003—10X growth in one year! That is when Amazon called.  Amazon’s stock price grew by 179% in 2003 alone. It was already clear that Amazon was on track to dominate the e-commerce world.

But they weren’t going to make it easy for their sellers (like us) to grow with them. Policy changes, platform “upgrades,” and a constantly adapting algorithm required a ton of trial and error to navigate. Loss-leading competitors with bigger and bigger advertising budgets threatened our existence. Our story has a happy ending. We grew to be a top-200 Amazon seller. We figured it out through grueling hard work—but we so wished we had an experienced guide to show us the way.

I founded Avenue7Media to help deserving brands navigate the Amazon jungle and thrive in the world’s largest and fastest growing marketplace.

– Jason Boyce

The Avenue7Media Leadership Team

Jason Boyce

Jason Boyce

CEO & Founder

  • Business School Grad & Former Marine
  • Built a Top 200 Amazon Seller company
  • Began helping other brands in 2016
  • Founded Avenue7Media – 60+ employees
  • Building a best-in-class Agency for brands
Dale Dabbs

Dale Dabbs


  • Joined Ave7 in 2020
  • Over 35 years of leadership experience at DTC, B2B and technology companies
  • B.S. in Management Science from the University of Texas, Arlington
Angela Murphy

Angela Murphy


  • Joined Ave7 in 2020
  • Over 25 years of HR, Operations and M&A and leadership experience in Technology, Services & DTC Product companies
  • B.A. and M.S. in Psychology from Loyola University in Maryland
Darrell Laffoon

Darrell Laffoon


  • Joined Ave7 in 2021
  • Over 30 years of Technology leadership experience with Software Engineering and Product Development functions
  • B.S. Degree in Management Information Systems from University of MD, Balt Co.
Shannon Roddy

Shannon Roddy

Business Development

  • Amazon Expert, Speaker, and founder of Marketplace Seller Courses. 
  • Consulted with over 180 clients to help them successfully launch, grow and protect their brands on Amazon.
Christina Fleming

Christina Fleming

Director, Business Operations

  • With 20+ years of background in ops and organization, admin, real estate management, radio broadcasting, and marketing, Christina is proficient in (and thrilled by) the day-to-day minutiae required for operational excellence that opens the door for growth. Christina enjoys networking, and works diligently to build relationships founded on trust and integrity to maximize opportunity from the inside out.

Leoho'onani Texeira

Leoho'onani Texeira

Director, Client Relations

  • Leo is a former Partner of Cascadia Seller Solutions (acquired) and comes to Avenue7Media with 15+ years of experience in building brands from the ground up across multiple platforms in various categories. 
Malia Kim

Malia Kim

Director of Presence

  • 3-year former Amazonian and restricted products expert.
  • Experienced inventory planner.
  • Graduate of the University of Washington with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Law, Society, and Justice.
Liz LaVallee

Liz LaVallee

Director of Client Operations

  • Liz joins us from The Vermont Teddy Bear Company, where over her 15-year tenure, she was the Head of Digital Advertising, Email Marketing, and the Amazon Sales Channel.
  • At VTB Liz worked on many brands including PajamaGram which is now one of the largest women’s sleepwear brands on Amazon. 
  • When not immersed in e-commerce, you can find Liz enjoying the outdoors in South Burlington, Vermont with her husband, son, daughter, and their two dogs. 
Serv Chumber

Serv Chumber

Managing Director - Europe

  • Serv is an eCommerce Executive and has founded and grown a brand globally over the past 15 years. Previously he headed up the European arm of an organization and led the Global Account Management Team, responsible for managing a large number of brands.
  • He loves taking on big challenges and believes that anything is possible when working as a team.

If you’re a product seller realize this, Amazon is not your friend.

Jason Boyce and Rick Cesari reveal their strategic playbook, The Amazon Jungle, for Amazon product marketing success, developed over nearly twenty years of Amazon selling experience.

Jason has nearly 20 years of experience as an Amazon Top Seller. Rick’s innovative Direct-to-Consumer strategies create more sales while building brand awareness for products like GoPro, SoniCare, OxiClean, and the George Foreman Grill. Together, they share their secrets to building a brand both on and off Amazon.

Satisfied Customers Tell Our Story

“Amazon is such a contorted organization to work with that we realized we needed a team of specialists if we had hope of truly breaking into that market. We felt continually frustrated. Avenue7Media helped us make numerous course corrections. Now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, with genuine hope of seeing success in this arena.”

Dr. Shawn Seitz

Alpha Tech Pet, Inc.

“After over a year of trying, only one of our eight products was selling on Amazon. We couldn’t manage the demands Amazon tasked us with and couldn’t figure out their secret sauce. Avenue7Media changed our world. Within months our account was cleaned up and sales escalated on all of our products.

It was a complete turnaround. Now we have a thriving Amazon account and are in the process of adding new products.

I highly recommend Avenue7Media. They are worth every penny and are the perfect Amazon insurance policy.”

Randy Barth

Honce Oui Media

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