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A Full-Service Agency for Amazon, Walmart, and Beyond

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Amazon & Walmart Services

Avenue7Media specializes in Amazon Account Management and Amazon Advertising, including Amazon DSP, Amazon Account Suspension, ASIN Reinstatement, Account Reinstatement, Walmart Management, and much more. 

Avenue7Media is a Proud Amazon Partner

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“The working relationship felt like a great fit from the beginning. The Ave7 team works hard, they care, and they’re knowledgeable. They treat us like this is their business. It’s an easy relationship with bilateral trust.”
Dr. Shawn Seitz,
Alpha Tech Pet
Working with Avenue7Media Team has really transformed our Walmart business. With most of our focus on Amazon, we weren’t giving our Walmart listing the appropriate focus and energy. The results speak for themselves - above 95% offer score in Listing Quality on every listing, and truly high organic rankings fairly quickly. All at a very fair and reasonable price.
Allie R

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Alpha Techpet
Navico Group

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Amazon Can Be Complicated and Overwhelming

Even the most sophisticated blue-chip and entrepreneurial brands can be eaten alive by the big online marketplaces. Without the right plan, ad spend goes to waste; listings go dark, and brands you’ve never heard of outsell you. We can help you grow!


…To Help You Outperform Your Product Category

World-class listings, brand pages, and advertisements—sure, we do that. But that’s just the beginning.

E-commerce success, especially on Amazon, requires a comprehensive plan. At Avenue7Media, our playbooks, people, and technology are organized around the 7Avenues™ for profitable growth.

We Have The Playbooks, People, and Technology…

Avenue7Media is a full-service agency with:

  • Proven Playbooks: Playbooks backed by triple-digit customer growth across every product category
  • Experienced People: 75+ person superteam with SMEs leading each avenue of profitable growth
  • Proprietary Technology: Industry-leading technology to surface insights from hundreds of e-commerce data points

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“We are going to push your brand beyond the limits of what you thought was even possible.”
Jason Boyce
Jason Boyce
Founder and CEO, Avenue7Media

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Your Full-Service E-Commerce Agency

To thrive, you need experts (informed by data and technology) addressing SKU and A+ details creation, listing health, presence, SEO, graphic design, brand store creation, financial modeling, reinstatements, Amazon advertising, and more.

If you want to succeed on the Amazon platform today, you’ll either need a full team of Amazon operators in-house, or an Agency to do full Account Management for Amazon. In the good old days, it was possible to hire a kid out of college or a handful of contractors to put up your product listings, run a few ads and build a profitable business on Amazon. Those days are over…

With Amazon’s ever-increasing complexity in every aspect of the Seller & Vendor Central Portals, the ability to keep up to date with each new feature, update, and the procedure has stymied the savviest sellers.

About Avenue7

Amazon Advertising has grown dramatically over the last several years, making Amazon a heavyweight contender in the triopoly of Google, Facebook, and now Amazon. It is no longer the case that sellers can simply rely on listing optimization and SEO as primary drivers of clicks and sales. With ad placements taking up a majority if not all of the above-the-fold search results page, Amazon is now fully a “Pay-to-Play” platform.

Amazon Account suspensions and ASIN delistings that plague sellers are now a daily reality.  It shouldn’t be this way, but it is the current state of Amazon selling. In surveys, it consistently ranks as one of Amazon sellers’  top fears: waking up one morning to discover that your top-selling ASIN or even your entire Amazon account has been suspended. Having a qualified, experienced team in place to prevent suspensions and listing deactivations, and execute swift reinstatements is an absolute Amazon selling necessity in today’s world.

Suspensions, restricted ASIN’s, safety violations and performance issues are frustrating and negatively impact sales. Oftentimes sellers don’t know what they did wrong, and more times than not they did nothing wrong at all. As a Full-Service Amazon Agency, we understand the stress and challenge of having your account or listings shut down and the impact that can have on your business, and even your life. 

Did You Know?

While we cannot guarantee success for every scenario, we have a proven track record with a 90%+ success rate on all Amazon issues we take on.

Avenue7Media Team has the knowledge and experience with Walmart Listing Optimization and Guidelines. We are a team of experts that works together to get your listings created and optimized quickly and effectively. We know what it takes to get your product to rank high on Walmart Marketplace.

With our knowledge and expertise, you’ll be able to dominate your competition on Walmart Marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

A full-service Amazon agency will provide all of the support necessary to help launch, grow and protect your brand on Amazon. This includes everything from SEO, graphic design and copywriting to advertising, inventory forecasting and reporting. Premium agencies will also offer catalog and compliance support, account monitoring and suspension prevention and reinstatement.

The price for a full Amazon service varies from agency to agency based on the skill and experience of the team, the quality of the technology they use, and the level of service they provide. The cost of an agency is typically less than the cost of a single US full time hire but includes much more service capabilities than a single person.

In the early days of Amazon one could hire a kid out of college to manage your Amazon store, not anymore. With the growing complexity of the Amazon landscape, brands need a team of 6-12 dedicated professionals who understand the marketplace to help a brand stand out and compete in the most competitive marketplace in the world.

When hiring an Amazon agency, it’s important to look for trust, experience and reliability. Find out how long they’ve been in business, how experienced the team is, what technology they use, and the size and types of brands they manage. Ask about their Amazon certifications and check references. Most importantly, choose an agency based on the value they provide, not just the cost, you usually get what you pay for.

A full-service Amazon agency is one that manages your Amazon store as if it were their own, so that you can focus on growing your overall business. Many don’t realize that managing an Amazon business requires more experienced staff members than it takes to manage an eCommerce business. This includes product and rival research, listing optimization, store creation, FBA and inventory management, catalog updates, graphic design,video editing, advertising, customer service, listing and account health, and product compliance.

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Our Difference

“The working relationship felt like a great fit from the beginning. The Ave7 team works hard, they care, and they’re knowledgeable. They treat us like this is their business. It’s an easy relationship with bilateral trust.”
Dr. Shawn Seitz,
Alpha Tech Pet
“Pardon our passion—we will be diligent with you to maintain your presence, traffic, compliance, and products. These are the key dependencies for Amazon growth!”
Liz LaVallee
VP of Client Growth, Avenue7Media

100 Steps To Launch, Grow, and Protect Your Brand on Amazon.

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