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Amazon isn’t anyone’s partner.

Amazon is an algorithm-run platform with increasing complexity and sweeping changes that can instantly impact a brand’s chances of success.

But Amazon is where the customers are—you need to sell there.

And you can thrive on Amazon if you play the game right.


Amazon is the storefront for 1.9 Million active sellers worldwide


U.S. small and midsize businesses sell 4,000 items per minute on Amazon


89% of consumers prefer to buy on Amazon vs other ecommerce websites.

Avenue7Media is a fast-growing team of Amazon experts running a proven process that consistenly delivers growth for our partners.

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We produce and ship, Avenue7Media takes care of everything else. Our Amazon revenue grew 24X in the first year with them!

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Managing Partner, By Lilla

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Here’s How Ave7 Works

Evaluation & Research

Is this worth your time and investment? We dig deep into your product, category, and market to confirm your potential for growth and reveal key opportunities.

Lay the Foundation

What’s your Amazon seller status? Amazon requires perfection. We deliver from the start and/or find and fix the issues with your current listings.

Optimize for Growth

How much success can you handle? Our team of specialists finds every opportunity to make this a transformative experience that grows your business!

Full-Service Agency for Amazon

Avenue7Media’s Specialists Handle Every Critical Step

Competitor Market Research

Competitor Market Research

Product Development

Product Development

Amazon Advertising

Amazon Ads

Professional Graphic Design

Professional Graphic Design

FBA and Inventory Mangement

Manage Inventory for FBA

Amazon Keyword Research

Keyword Research for Amazon

Amazon Copywriting

Copywriting for Amazon

Detail Page and A+ Content Creation

Detail Page and A+ Content Creation

Amazon Profit Calculation

Profit Calculation for Amazon

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

TOS Review Management

TOS Review Management

Customer Service

Customer Service for Amazon

Amazon Storefront Creation

Brand Store Creation

Measurement & Reporting

Measurement & Reporting

Video Editing

Video Editing

Account Management Services for Amazon

If you want to succeed on the Amazon platform today, you’ll either need a full team of Amazon operators in-house, or an Agency to do full Account Management for Amazon. In the good old days, it was possible to hire a kid out of college or a handful of contractors to put up your product listings, run a few ads and build a profitable business on Amazon. Those days are over…

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With Amazon’s ever-increasing complexity in every aspect of the Seller & Vendor Central Portals, the ability to keep up to date with each new feature, update, and the procedure has stymied the savviest sellers. As the size of Amazon’s market share in the eCommerce market continues to grow (currently over 55%) the lack of available talent with real Amazon expertise continues to decline.

“The Amazon ecosphere is a delicate balance where every part is highly dependent upon the other, and if just one break, the entire system can and will fall apart.”

This is where the benefit of having an Amazon Agency comes into play. Our expert Amazon strategists are able to guide you through the complex Amazon Jungle, handling nearly every aspect of the work for you. Starting with product research, we make sure that the products you’re developing match the current Amazon trends and that they meet Amazon customers’ needs and expectations.

If you’re not selling on Amazon, we’ll guide you through Amazon Seller Central Setup including enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry with your registered trademark.  We’ll also design and create your optimized product listings. If you’re already selling on Amazon, we’ll do a full listing audit and re-optimization to ensure your product is well branded and perfectly positioned to appeal to your target audience.

Amazon listing optimization begins with building target customer avatars and a deep dive into SEO keyword research, in order to discover what keywords your customers are using to find products like yours on the platform. The next step is copywriting for Amazon which focuses on your product’s features and benefits, showing customers not just what your product is and what it does, but how it will make their life easier and better.

Next, our talented team of Graphic Designers creates optimized product images that again highlight the benefits of your product to your customers and tell your brand story with great messaging and visuals. Building on solid listings we add A+ Content in order to increase conversions and cross-promote your entire product line while continuing to build your brand story. Lastly, our video editors take your existing video assets and optimize them for your product listings, sponsored brand videos, and brand store videos to further engage customers and drive them towards a successful purchase.

Sales only happen when your product is in stock and available. That’s why our talented inventory team works to ensure that you have up-to-date forecasts on sales and inventory in order to maintain stock at FBA. In addition, our listing health team will actively work to prevent listings from being deactivated, and if Amazon does take a listing down for any reason, we’ll work to get it back up and active again. Oftentimes before you even know it’s down.

As a customer-obsessed company, Amazon has strict customer service requirements. Our in-house team will answer all buyer-seller messages, respond to all customer questions, and handle any issues in regards to returns, customer requests, and negative seller feedback and product reviews.

One of the greatest challenges brands face on Amazon is updating their product detail pages, even with Amazon Brand Registry. This can be undesired changes to your product title, images, or product category. Whether it’s retail contributions blocking your updates, the inability to update your content, or complex fixes requiring flat file templates, our team is well versed in the art of fixing even the most complicated Amazon catalog issues, all as part of our managed services.

In addition to all of this, our team of skilled Amazon operators will handle Amazon Advertising, Amazon Account, and ASIN Reinstatements and Strategic Growth Recommendations to help you expand your product line with complimentary products that your customers are looking for. If you’d like to get started, you can learn more about our Amazon Account Management Services.

The Amazon ecosphere is a delicate balance where every part is highly dependent upon the other, and if just one breaks, the entire system can and will fall apart.

Keeping up to date with Amazon’s advertising console changes, best practices, and staying ahead of the competition can be daunting.

Amazon Ads

Amazon Advertising has grown dramatically over the last several years, making Amazon a heavyweight contender in the triopoly of Google, Facebook and now Amazon. It is no longer the case that sellers can simply rely on listing optimization and SEO as primary drivers of clicks and sales. . With ad placements taking up a majority if not all of the above-the-fold search results page, Amazon is now fully a “Pay-to-Play” platform.

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The level of sophistication required to manage Amazon advertising continues to increase, as Amazon introduces new ad types, and creates new placement opportunities on the product detail pages and in search results. It’s even allowing custom ad creative and its offering methods to allow sellers to target specific customer types.

As Amazon adds more ways to advertise the complexity of managing ads increases with it. Keeping up to date with Amazon’s advertising console changes, best practices, and staying ahead of the competition can be daunting. Advertising is never a “set it and forget it” process, failure to maintain and optimize advertising can result in wasted ad spend, failure to capitalize on new opportunities for growth, and even worse, it could run you out of business.

It is important to remember that Amazon advertising success requires more than just good, optimized ads.  There is much more that goes into managing success than simply managing ads. Driving traffic to unoptimized listings with poor ratings, without proper fulfillment methods can actually hurt your sales rank more than it can help, and the best ads in the world won’t work under these circumstances. Advertising is part of a holistic selling system for success, and if you focus only on one area, you’re likely to fail.

In addition, failing to maintain channel control and preventing unauthorized resellers from hijacking your listings will prevent your Sponsored Product ads from even running. Maintaining excellent listing health is also critical for your advertising success, as any listing that is taken down for high returns, a policy violation, or other flags from Amazon’s performance department can immediately halt all traffic and sales to your listing. If you want to win every base must be covered.

Starting with a process of extensive SEO keyword research, our team executes a holistic advertising strategy that includes defensive advertising as well as targeting highly relevant category and ASIN search terms for your products. Driving scores of ads and ad types to each of your ASIN’s provides you with a significant competitive advantage over your competitors and helps identify low-hanging fruit.

If your brand already has great optimized listings, strong product availability, disciplined channel control, and excellent listing health, and you are looking for an Amazon Advertising Agency to increase your sales, we’re here to help. Avenue7Media is now an Amazon DSP Agency. Learn more about our Amazon Advertising services by clicking the button below..

Reinstatements for Amazon

Amazon Account suspensions and ASIN delistings that plague sellers are now a daily reality.  It shouldn’t be this way, but it is the current state of Amazon selling. In surveys, it consistently ranks as one of Amazon sellers’  top fears: waking up one morning to discover that your top-selling ASIN or even your entire Amazon account has been suspended. Having a qualified, experienced team in place to prevent suspensions and listing deactivations, and execute swift reinstatements is an absolute Amazon selling necessity in today’s world.

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Suspensions, restricted ASIN’s, safety violations and performance issues are frustrating and negatively impact sales. Oftentimes sellers don’t know what they did wrong, and more times than not they did nothing wrong at all. As a Full-Service Amazon Agency, we understand the stress and challenge of having your account or listings shut down and the impact that can have on your business, and even your life. However, responding hastily without a well-written plan of action (POA), failing to take responsibility, or not being able to identify the root cause of an issue can create further, unnecessary delays in your reinstatement process. Let’s face it, Amazon staff are overwhelmed and sensitive and you need to know who to speak to and how to speak to them in a way that gets your issue resolved fast.

There are a lot of Amazon reinstatement services for sellers to choose from, ranging from top-quality service providers to those that operate in a less than professional manner. This can include anything from hastily written appeals to over-used suspension appeal templates, to new hires that lack the education and experience to correctly identify a root cause and make the appropriate recommendations for reinstatement.

At Avenue7Media we pride ourselves on having an experienced team of Amazon Performance, Catalog, Compliance,  Reinstatement, and Suspension experts with decades of cumulative experience who take a different approach. Our team understands the Amazon process, language, and unspoken requirements to get the job done in accordance with Amazon Policies. Our team consists of several former Amazon Compliance and Amazon Performance team members who provide a unique solutions-oriented perspective to identify root causes for suspensions, reinstatements, catalog issues, safety, and compliance issues and solve them as efficiently as possible.  We know that your business depends on healthy active Amazon listings and we work feverishly to solve your Amazon issues.

Our team begins with a comprehensive deep dive to identify the root cause of your suspension, delisting, safety, or catalog issue. This step is often the hardest part for sellers due to vague, incomprehensible seller support messaging or Amazon performance notifications.  Understanding all aspects of your listings and account allows our team to provide the necessary insight and recommendations in order to comply with Amazon’s requirements and resolve the issue.

We work with you to provide Amazon with immediate and aggressive action to get your account or listing reinstated. Not only will we exhaust all avenues for each appeal, but we will work diligently to get your appeal to the right team for reinstatement. While we cannot guarantee success for every scenario, we have a proven track record with a 90%+ success rate on all Amazon issues we take on.

If you’re currently experiencing any of the following issues: Account Suspension, ASIN Delisting, and Account Issues that are driving your business into the ground, you can learn more about our ASIN Reinstatement and Amazon Reinstatement Services.

While we cannot guarantee success for every scenario, we have a proven track record with a 90%+ success rate on all Amazon issues we take on.

Your Partner in Profitable Growth

Over 20 years, Avenue7Media has grown a top-200 seller on Amazon and substantially improved sales performance for seven, eight, and nine-figure brands.

Our founder, Jason Boyce, is a frequent media consultant for Amazon topics and is the co-author of The Amazon Jungle The Seller’s Survival Guide for Thriving on the World’s Most Perilous E-Commerce Marketplace.

Ready to start growing profitable, healthy, and exciting businesses? If you’re looking for a full-service agency for Amazon contact us today for a free consultation.

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The Ave7 team works hard, they care, and they’re knowledgeable. They treat us like this is their business. It’s an easy relationship—with bilateral trust.

Shawn Seitz

Founder and CEO, Alpha Tech Pet

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