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It’s the dreaded fear among Amazon sellers, you wake up one morning to discover your top-selling Amazon ASIN has been suspended. But don’t worry, if you’re facing an ASIN Suspension, Avenue7Media is here to assist you with your Amazon ASIN reinstatement. We know how incredibly stressful listing suspensions are and our capable and experienced team is standing by to help guide you through the process.

There’s a variety of reasons why an ASIN may get suspended, but it typically happens by one of two means: a complaint or series of complaints by a consumer, or an algorithmic Amazon bot sweeping the platform for potential issues. Either way, it can prove to be an overwhelming challenge for brands resulting in thousands in lost revenue, and the complexity of writing an Amazon ASIN appeal has only grown over time.

At Avenue7Media, many of our team members come directly from Amazon Compliance which uniquely positions us to be able to help you resolve ASIN suspension and reinstatement issues. We understand the internal processes used to evaluate appeals and know exactly how to draft a plan of action that Amazon will understand and consider. During the Amazon listing reinstatement process you always receive our honest assessment at every point along the way as we help guide you to take the correct steps toward reinstatement.

Our goal as seller focused reinstatement experts is to help you turn a suspension crisis into a growth opportunity. Our unique depth of Amazon experience enables us to understand how to help you fix the root cause of any ASIN suspension and prevent future listing suspensions, allowing you to continue growing your sales.

 Amazon ASIN Suspension

If you have received a notification from Amazon or discovered that one of your ASINs has been suspended, it is critical that your next steps are the right ones. Many brand owners and sellers default to a hastily written emotional appeal, stating that the suspension is inaccurate or unjustified, which only further delays your chances and ability to get reinstated quickly.

Instead, it is essential that sellers have a thorough understanding of why their Amazon listing suspension occurred in the first place. Next they must take the appropriate steps to write an appeal (known in the industry as a “plan of action” or “POA”). Lastly, they must submit the required information and documentation to Amazon in a timely manner and in a way that Amazon is most likely to respond and issue a swift ASIN reinstatement.

That is why our team begins by performing a comprehensive analysis or “deep dive” into the listing, so that we can get a clear picture and understanding of the root cause, allowing us to equip you with the valuable information required to submit your appeal. This critical step empowers you to proactively manage your account, avoiding unnecessary loss of sales and potential ASIN suspension in the future.

There are a few ways that Amazon may penalize an ASIN if it has been suspended. The most common ways are a Blocked ASIN, an Inactive ASIN or having your Product Detail Page Removed. Amazon may notify you of the suspension through a Performance Notification, but at times Amazon may provide you with little to no warning or notification at all.

Root Causes of ASIN Suspensions

The root causes of an ASIN suspension can vary widely and each scenario requires a unique approach to resolve. Primary reasons typically have to do with ensuring customer safety and satisfaction: is the product safe, and is it what the customer expected to receive when they ordered it?

The majority of listing suspensions boil down to a few things: compliance issues, quality issues, and IP infringement.


By far one of the most common issues we see is when customers complain that there is a safety problem with the product, and Amazon requires you to show documentation proving that the product is labeled correctly, has been tested properly, in order to ensure that it was customer error, not the product itself.


If you’re selling something that you are not authorized to sell, or presenting something in such a way that you’re using another company’s intellectual property without permission, the suspension would be a result of a complaint from the rights holder. It’s essential to resolve these quickly as failing to do so could put your entire account at risk of suspension.


Are you consistently receiving returns due to the product not being as expected by the customer? Has it injured someone? It’s got quality issues. Amazon uses terms like “used sold as new”, inauthentic, expired, safety incident or material difference to describe these types of problems.

ASIN Reinstatement Service

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy ASIN Reinstatement Service, Avenue7Media’s team of reinstatement specialists are able to assist you. If your ASIN is suspended and you’re losing daily sales, now is the time to get expert help. View our reinstatement options below and contact us today to get started on your ASIN Reinstatement Appeal and Plan of Action.

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The Ave7 Reinstatement Process

Our reinstatement team is made up of former Amazonians who each worked in a compliance capacity at some point during their tenure. That’s why these things are our specialty! We are confident that no one beats us for quality and experience when it comes to safety incidents or compliance issues.

“I was miserably failing at answering Seller-Performance questions and concerns regarding one of my products. I spend hours writing up what I thought was an excellent plan of action to correct the issue at hand. Only to find that I was digging a deeper grave for myself. Seller-Performance kept rejecting my appeals. So, I turned to Avenue7Media for their expertise and help. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders once they took point. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out how to respond to Seller-Performance. Your time is more valuable focused elsewhere in your business.”


“For the first time in our three-year selling career, we had a product suspended. We noticed Amazon cracking down on sellers and also noticed the black hat competitors were getting more creative with their attacks. When you have one chance to clear up your account, you have to make sure it’s right. If you don’t do a good job, you can be banned from selling that SKU. That was terrifying. We heard back from the Performance team within a few hours of submitting the proposal and were back selling. A huge relief!”


“My biggest concern before hiring Avenue7Media for reinstatement work was whether or not the value would be there and it definitely was! They were available to answer my questions quickly and were knowledgeable and caring throughout the process, offering clarity on the next steps. For anybody considering using their services, I would say, “HIRE THEM!” They have the experience from working at Amazon and they basically write the email responses for you.”


“After selling on Amazon for 4+ years, I thought I knew how to speak to Amazon and I wasn’t sure how Avenue7Media could help us get our listing back. But thankfully they did an amazing job and really know the “language of Amazon” at a deep level. It was fantastic to speak with them and start to understand what Amazon truly wants and needs to hear from us in these situations. They saved the day! If you have any compliance or performance issues with Amazon, definitely contact Avenue7Media! We had actually done nothing wrong but I’m really not sure we would have ever got our listing back without Avenue7Media’s help. Well worth the investment!”


“As business stakeholders or owners, when Amazon suspends one product listing that your company’s livelihood depends on, your heart skips a beat. Moreover, the notices & messages Amazon sends regarding the suspensions are notoriously & woefully cryptic, at best. This is where we’ve found solace by turning to Avenue7Media, our relationship counselor with Amazon. They helped us decode Amazon’s enigmatic messages, understand their perspective, and concoct a plan of escalating action to be executed even through the weekend, with a “whatever it takes” attitude. And because of that, anywhere between a matter of days to a couple of weeks, in return Amazon forgave us, and welcomed us back with open arms. We owe our continued business continuity to Avenue7Media.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you recommend working with lawyers on ASIN reinstatement issues?

A: Amazon is very litigation cautious, and when letters come from lawyers, or lawyers get involved, the results can be a lot less than hoped for. Amazon responds better to people who use the right words in the right format, based on the SOPs that exist for those teams.

Lawyers come in handy though when you’re trying to boot hijackers off your listings, or respond to an IP infringement complaint from another company.

Q: How much does ASIN Reinstatement cost?

A: $1,500 for standard ASIN Reinstatement with a typical turnaround time of 3-5 days for an appeal or plan of action. $4,000 for expedited ASIN Reinstatement with a 24-hour turnaround time. If your suspension involves a product safety issue the cost is $3,000.

Q: Should I call you first, or can I just pay now?

A: If you’re ready to get started you can simply pay for the reinstatement and we’ll get started on your case. If you have questions regarding your situation you can fill out the form to request an initial discovery call where we would be happy to discuss our capabilities and your case with you. Keep in mind that there are very few cases that are unique: either one of our team members helped to write the rules at Amazon, or we’ve worked on several similar cases to yours before.

Q: Do I have to give you primary access to my account?

A: No, we provide you with a unique email address to invite to your account in order to create a secondary account with limited access. We NEVER ask for or want your primary login or password.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: We do not offer refunds for reinstatement. We offer professional service but at times there are issues outside of our control including product safety which falls on the responsibility of the manufacturer or brand owner. While we understand Amazon well, we cannot guarantee their responsiveness or willingness to accept a request for reinstatement or accurately predict the outcome of every case.

Q: Can you help us if we’ve already written to Amazon and gotten blocked?

A: Yes. Because Amazon is rarely clear about what they’re asking for it’s common for sellers to fail to provide Amazon with what they really need to reinstate you. We’re extremely good at finding those hidden requirements and communicating them to Amazon. It’s common that we’ll often find things that you missed inadvertently.

Q: What is your standard response time?

A: Typically we will provide you with a draft plan of action to discuss within 3-5 business days of signup. If a case is more complex it can take longer. It’s important that every response is prepared thoroughly and accurately in order to improve your chances of reinstatement, particularly if you were already blocked. Expedited responses promise a plan within 24 hours.

Q: Why should I hire you? Can’t I just write my own appeal?

A: While it’s possible to write your own appeal and get an ASIN reinstated, the complexity of communicating with Amazon and providing exactly what they need in the format their looking for is best handled by someone with experience. 

Q: Can writing to Jeff Bezos to get my ASIN reinstated?

A: Jeff doesn’t actually read the “Jeff” emails. Instead, his army of assistants review them and sends them on to the correct teams. All it does is get another eye on your appeal but without the proper documentation and support, these are unlikely to increase your chances of success if your plan of action is insufficient.

Q: Who will I work with if I sign up?

A: You will work with the most appropriate team member for type of suspension you are experiencing, depending on their experience at Amazon running from Restricted Products to Amazon’s Safety Teams.

Q: Do you offer a bundle discount if I have multiple ASINs?

A: Yes, we do. Please fill out the form to discuss the particulars of your situation.

Q: This ASIN is a top seller for me - do you offer expedited services?

A: Yes we do. Once you have paid for expedited reinstatement, we’ll get a plan to you within 24 hours.

Q: How do I reinstate my Amazon ASIN?

A: The first step to ASIN reinstatement begins with scraping the account to identify the root cause OR CAUSES for an ASIN suspension. Understanding the root cause of suspension is crucial to reinstate your ASIN successfully. Amazon typically suspends ASINs for a variety of reasons, including policy violation, performance issues, catalog issues, and many others. After the cause has been identified, you need to develop a Plan of Action (POA) which states: (1) the issue that led to suspension, (2) countermeasures to resolve said issue, and (3) how you plan to prevent the issue from occurring again. After the POA has been developed, it must be submitted to Amazon via Seller Central.

Q: How do I make my Amazon listing active again?

A: To activate an inactive listing, you first need it to be reinstated. After your listing has been reinstated, you need to ensure that all elements of the listing are in line with Amazon’s policies. Although you may obtain an approval to continue to sell from the Seller Performance Team, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve resolved every key area which can block you from getting your listing available to customers. Need Support? Contact us.

Q: What does it mean when an item is restricted on Amazon?

A: A restricted item on Amazon refers to an item that either: has been prohibited for sale by Amazon, or requires approval before it can be listed.


Q: Why does Amazon restrict listings?

A: Amazon may restrict a listing for a variety of reasons including internal policy violation, performance issues, catalog issues, and even legal issues. The reason why Amazon may flag or restrict a listing is to ensure that the product is not illegal or prohibited, and that it is ultimately safe for consumer use.