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With decades of proven experience, Avenue7Media is a full-service Amazon DSP Agency providing clients with unparalleled service in order to achieve long-term profitable growth.

What is Amazon DSP Advertising?

Amazon DSP is Amazon’s Demand-Side Platform, allowing sellers to buy advertising in order to target new and existing customers both on and off Amazon. DSP enables brands and sellers to scale by providing media buying from multiple sources from a centralized location. In addition, Amazon DSP is available to companies that sell their products on Amazon and those that do not.

Amazon DSP Advertising

Amazon DSP Advertising allows brands to expand their reach by programmatically purchasing audio ads, display ads, video ads, and in-app ads across multiple platforms. Amazon DSP Advertising is an effective way to grow brand awareness, cross-sell, drive repeat purchases and generate a high return on Ad Spend.

Avenue7Media can provide all of your Amazon Advertising needs including Amazon DSP and Amazon Sponsored Advertising. Book a Discovery Call to learn how our Team, Technology and Playbooks can help you grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is DSP in Amazon advertising?

A: Amazon DSP advertising (Demand Side Platform) is programmatic advertising based on audience targeting. It allows you to repeatedly show ads to your target audience across different types of media, like websites, audio streaming, and smart TVs, using automated buying to place those ads where they’ll be most effective. Other companies like Meta and Google have DSP advertising but few companies can match Amazon’s 1st Party Data. Amazon knows what you buy.

Q: Is Amazon DSP advertising worth it?

A: Amazon DSP Advertising is one of the best ways to build a full funnel strategy that reaches customers at every stage of the buying journey, and serves ads according to what those consumers are interested in. Today’s brands can’t win without bringing new customers to their brand and Amazon DSP is a very effective way to do this.

Q: What is the minimum spend for Amazon DSP self-service?

A: With an initial investment of just $5,000, most agencies can build audiences via remarketing campaigns if a product has enough first click traffic. Once high performing audiences have been developed, brands can go up funnel to drive consideration and awareness traffic to the top and middle of the advertising funnel.


Q: How does Amazon DSP work?

A: Amazon DSP is an ad platform that is designed to engage bot on-Amazon and off-Amazon audiences and bring them to Amazon products. It is based on audience targeting and consumer interests in market and lifestyle. Amazon creates audiences based on the buying behavior of it’s massive customer base. Unlike other DSP platforms like Facebook, Amazon collects actual buying data (1st Party Data) of consumers and serves ads on a cost per thousand impression (cpm) basis.

Q: Is DSP top of funnel?

A: Yes. DSP is one of the best platforms in the digital environment where you can build a top-of-funnel plan, but it also includes mid-funnel and bottom-of-the-funnel traffic in the form of consideration and remarketing.

Q: Why use Amazon DSP?

A: Amazon DSP has arguably the biggest and best first party data databases, which means that brands are able to develop consumer profiles with more accurate information than any other comparable platform. Unlike a Facebook or Instagram ad that requires code snippets on an ecommerce website to work, Amazon collects audience data on roughly $700 billion in online sales per year via it’s own websites ensuring a higher quality of data.

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