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Amazon Product Safety is a primary concern for sellers and customers who shop on Amazon. Depending on the product category or customer experience, Amazon requires product safety testing to protect its customers and comply with federal and local regulations.

Amazon Product Safety Team

Amazon’s Product Safety Team ensures that all products sold on the Amazon platform meet safety, regulatory, and Amazon Policy requirements to prevent and mitigate potential harm to customers. To Amazon, the term “product safety” refers to anything legally regulated by a governing body (regardless of whether or not it poses a practical safety concern to customers) and actual real time reactions to customer incidents which become Amazon Policy. Any scenario requiring product testing is referred to as a “Safety” issue within Amazon. 

Amazon Product Safety Email

There are two primary situations where Amazon may notify a seller regarding product safety: 1) If annual safety testing documents are required for submission to Amazon to remain compliant and 2) If a customer complaint triggers an investigation where additional testing may be required to prove that the product is safe for consumers. If you receive an Amazon Product Safety Team Email it is important that it be read, understood and responded to in a timely manner to avoid getting your products removed from the Amazon platform.

Amazon Product Safety Notification

Certain product categories on Amazon require ongoing annual preventative testing from the manufacturing facility to show continued compliance with Amazon safety requirements. In these instances, Amazon will require sellers to submit safety testing documentation for each applicable product for those listings to remain in active status on Amazon.

If you have the proper documentation but require assistance uploading it to Amazon and getting it accepted, or if you’re struggling to understand exactly what safety testing is required, our team of experts at Avenue7Media is here to help. Just click the link below to book time with our Amazon product safety experts or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to request more information.

Amazon Product Safety Complaint

If an Amazon customer submits a product safety complaint, it will trigger a Safety Incident Investigation by Amazon’s Product Safety Team. This will require the seller to obtain specific product testing to bring their product into compliance and allow the seller to continue sales of the product on Amazon.

Notification of Product Removal by Amazon Product Safety

In many cases, a product safety complaint will also result in the notification of the product’s removal by the Amazon Product Safety team. At this point, the product becomes “Restricted” and will not be allowed for sale on Amazon until the proper safety testing has been completed and submitted to Amazon.

Amazon Product Safety Complaint Appeal

Appealing an Amazon Product Safety Complaint can be daunting and overwhelming for any brand or seller lacking a product safety background.

At Avenue7Media, our team of former Amazon performance employees and in-house experts can walk you through the process of getting the required product testing required and appealing your Amazon Product Safety Complaint.

Amazon Product Safety Testing

If you need product safety testing for a new product that you’re preparing to launch on Amazon, or require product safety testing to bring an existing product into compliance with Amazon’s requirements, we can help. As former safety managers at Amazon we understand Amazon’s safety testing requirements, and work with global laboratories to help you get the safety testing you need to stay compliant and keep selling.

If you’re looking for assistance with a Product Safety Issue on Amazon, our team of experts is here to help. Fill out our inquiry form and book a discovery call today.

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