Learn more about how well-funded aggregators are giving the creators of Amazon-optimized brands a lucrative way out of the business.

In Q1 2021, third-party sellers accounted for 55% of the products and 63% of the value of merchandise sold on Amazon. Nearly half of them are based in China.

It is no wonder these aggregators are looking to buy. In other fields of business, these would be called roll-ups. In the world of Amazon sellers, they’re known as e-commerce aggregators. 

Jason Boyce weighs in. As a business model, Amazon aggregators are still very young. “I suspect that there will be several failures,” said Jason Boyce, e-commerce strategist and author of “The Amazon Jungle,” a book about brand-building on Amazon, “but the survivors and winners will create a very lucrative new asset class with a suite of brands that will become famous 21st-century brands.”

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