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Whether you’re an emerging brand or looking to expand your brand awareness globally, nothing is more important than protecting your intellectual property on and off of Amazon. Amazon IP Accelerator was developed to provide brands and sellers with vetted IP Law Firms able to provide legal support with trademarks, patents, copyrights, and brand protection strategies.

Amazon IP Accelerator Program

The Amazon IP Accelerator Program is currently available to brands in 39 countries around the globe. The program aims to offer sellers IP services at pre-negotiated rates. Over 16,000 brands have used IP Accelerator services to help register and protect their brands. 

Amazon IP Accelerator Program

Amazon Brand Registry IP Accelerator

The greatest benefit afforded to sellers and brands who use IP Accelerator to register a trademark is expedited access to the Amazon Brand Registry. Currently, sellers who register for a trademark directly with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) must submit their Serial # to Amazon Brand Registry, but with limited guarantee that it will be accepted. Trademarks filed through IP Accelerator are much more likely to be accepted by the Brand Registry while the trademark is still pending, which can take up to 8-12 months or, in some cases, longer.
Amazon IP Accelerator Program

Amazon IP Accelerator Law Firms

To get started, sellers can view participating IP Accelerator Firms in Amazon’s Service Provider Network. Sellers are able to filter by Service Type: Copyright or Trademark, as well as Provider Location, Provider language and the average Review rating of each provider. Sellers can contact providers by logging into their Amazon Seller Central account, clicking on a provider, and selecting “Contact Provider” to get a quote or discuss specific services required.
Amazon IP Accelerator Law Firm

Amazon IP Accelerator Pricing

Amazon IP Accelerator costs vary based on the services requested by the seller. Below are Amazon’s discounted rates with IP Accelerator Service Providers.

Service: A high-level brand search of Trademark Office records for relevant pending applications or registrations

  • Fee: $650

Service: A comprehensive brand review, including Trademark Office records and unregistered uses.

  • Fee: $1,800

Service: Filing a US trademark application.

  • Fee: $700 (plus government fees)

Brands and sellers can contact specific providers for Amazon IP Accelerator Pricing for additional IP services.

Amazon IP Accelerator Review

You can read the reviews of the various IP Accelerator Service Providers to determine which IP Firm you want to select. Similar to Amazon, these will be Verified if the seller hired the firm for IP services. Once you select a firm and they complete your trademark or copyright application you are likely to receive a request for a review which in turn helps other sellers make an informed decision about the IP Accelerator firm they select.
Amazon IP Accelerator Review

Amazon IP Accelerator is a fantastic program both for new and experienced brands and sellers need to protect their Intellectual Property using trusted IP Law Firms at negotiated rates in order to grow your brand on Amazon.

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