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Avenue7Media Acquires Cascadia Seller Solutions

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Avenue7Media completes its third acquisition of 2022, accelerating its growth strategy and further cementing its foothold as a flagship agency in the Amazon and online marketplace space.

Avenue7Media, a leading provider of fully managed services, strategies, and execution for brands selling on the Amazon and Walmart online marketplaces, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Cascadia Seller Solutions, a Seattle, Washington-based company. Cascadia offers fully-managed services and consulting to brands selling on the Amazon and Walmart marketplaces. The addition of Cascadia positions the powerhouse firm to accelerate its growth strategy, further enhance an already-robust suite of service offerings, and expand into new marketplaces, both domestically and internationally. 

“Cascadia’s team of exceptionally talented people and its mission completely align with our Avenue7Media mission of helping to change the lives of sellers and brand owners”, said Jason Boyce, CEO, and Founder of Avenue7Media. “We believe the acquisition of Cascadia, along with the two recently completed acquisitions of Marketplace Seller Courses and Volitant Consulting, is another huge leap forward for us in terms of our ability to grow, scale, and provide exceptional service to our valued clients.” 

Boyce continued, “I’ve been a professional admirer of Cascadia’s founder, Rachel Greer since we were both interviewed for the PBS Documentary, Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos (full film) | FRONTLINE. During that process, I learned that we share a passion for seller and consumer advocacy. I am in awe of the unique seller-focused agency she and her team have built at Cascadia, and we are honored to have them as a huge part of our A7M family.”

Avenue7Media, with decades of combined Amazon selling experience, now adds the experience of several former Amazonians to its talented staff. Their team of both, successful ex-sellers and successful ex-Amazon employees will combine forces to navigate the Amazon Jungle for its clients. This latest acquisition has strengthened A7M’s leading position and reputation for thought leadership within the industry and amplified its ability to meet the rapidly growing needs of brand owners in the digital age.

Avenue7Media President, Dale Dabbs added, “With the recent acquisitions of Marketplace Seller Courses, Volitant Consulting, and now Cascadia Seller Solutions, we continue to execute on our strategic priority of making acquisitions in markets and business models that enable us to expand and enhance our service offerings. The talent, capabilities, and scale we acquired with the Cascadia team will create great value for our clients and shareholders.”

When asked about the acquisition of Cascadia, Greer said, “The first time I met Jason, a fellow PROSPER board member, I could tell he was a person of integrity, kindness, and humor, all of which are critical to success when helping sellers navigate Amazon! We are thrilled to be partnering with a former Amazon seller of his stature. With the combination of Cascadia’s strength in Amazon policy and Amazon systems, as a team of former Amazonians, and the Avenue7Media team’s background as successful Amazon sellers, we are an unstoppable force! A7M shares our commitment to Amazon Sellers, teamwork, innovation, and extraordinary customer service, making them the ideal partner for us.”

About Cascadia Seller Solutions

Since 2016, Cascadia has helped brands grow their revenue, curate their marketing message, and handle challenging Performance compliance issues on the Amazon Marketplace. Based in the Pacific Northwest and founded by former Amazonians, they believe in strong collaborative relationships with clients — because Amazon is not your friend. By understanding the back-end systems upon which Amazon is based – some of which they built – they have helped hundreds of sellers to be successful in the marketplace, in some cases growing sales at a rate of 4x! Since its inception, Cascadia has helped get 1000+ accounts or ASINs back, launched thousands of new products for clients, some from the initial idea to live on Amazon, and managed millions in growth with great ads, engaging Posts, and content that converts.

Founder and Managing Partner Rachel Greer is a global Amazon Marketplace strategist who specializes in helping entrepreneurs increase their internet product sales, curate their brand image online, and avoid catastrophic legal threats. After getting her MBA in international business at Seattle University, she spent nearly a decade at Amazon working in product development and product safety. Since then, Rachel has founded companies that reached both multi-six figure and multi-seven figure growth in under three years. Rachel is the author of the upcoming book, No Dead Babies.

About Avenue7Media

Avenue7Media is a software-enabled service business that provides every aspect of Amazon, Walmart, and other eCommerce marketplace managed services supporting its clients’ growth and sales strategy.

Founder Jason Boyce is a former U. S. Marine, a former top 200 Amazon Seller, a former Top 1000 direct-to-consumer eCommerce seller, and co-author of The Amazon JungleHe started Avenue7Media with the mission to change Sellers’ lives by harnessing the power of Amazon for direct-to-consumer product brands. Our proven methods, informed by 20 years of top-ranking eCommerce and online marketplace success, put our organization in the shoes of the talented leaders and entrepreneurs they represent. Avenue7Media’s high-performing teams dramatically improve brand presentation and sales performance for seven, eight, and nine-figure brands. 

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