Avenue7Media completes capital raise and two strategic acquisitions to jumpstart 2022.

February 16, 2022. Avenue7Media, a leading provider of fully managed services, strategies and execution for the Amazon and Walmart sales channels, today announced the successful completion of a first round of funding in January 2022, followed immediately with two strategic acquisitions. Avenue7Media’s acquisitions of Volitant Consulting, LLC and Marketplace Seller Courses, unites three leading industry experts focused on providing world-class solutions built on integrity, ingenuity and trust. “We believe these two acquisitions are a fantastic fit and completely aligned with our Avenue7Media mission of helping to change the lives of sellers and brand owners”, said Jason Boyce, CEO and Founder of Avenue7Media.

According to Boyce, the integration of Volitant and Marketplace Seller Courses allows Avenue7 to expand their existing global operations to include additional marketplaces and service offerings. “The coming together of these three organizations creates a powerhouse of knowledge and expertise that will enable our teams to expand our suite of services and support the exponential growth of our clients” said Boyce. “We see an exceptional cultural alignment and we are excited to have the opportunity to bring equally passionate and driven teams together as one.”

Avenue7 President Dale Dabbs added, “We’re thrilled to bring these three companies together, with the goal of creating a world-class ecommerce agency that is well positioned to meet the needs of brands large and small. We are excited about the accelerated growth ahead for Avenue7Media, and believe that this collaboration also makes tremendous financial sense. We expect to evaluate additional acquisitions and organic growth opportunities as the ecommerce sector undergoes rapid expansion.”

When asked about the acquisition of Volitant, Founder Justin Coats said, “We are very excited to join Jason Boyce and the Avenue7Media team. Combined, our experiences, knowledge, vision and drive, put us in the unique position of being able to support our clients, not just on Amazon, but from a holistic perspective. The complimentary approach and expertise in the combined organization will help us to make big waves in supporting brands on Amazon and help business owners to achieve levels of growth they never thought possible. It was a no-brainer for us to combine forces.” 

Shannon Roddy, Founder of Marketplace Seller Courses and Amazon Expert, also expressed his excitement about the acquisition and the opportunity to reach and educate more sellers with his proprietary online courses.  Roddy said, “I’m deeply honored to be joining the incredible team at Avenue7Media. The integrity of the leadership, the diversity of talent and the laser-focused vision to passionately serve brands is what excites me in joining forces to fulfill this mission”.

About Marketplace Seller Courses

Since 2015 Marketplace Seller Courses has provided online courses, resources and tools to empower businesses with the strategies to successfully launch, grow and protect their brands on Amazon.

Founder and CEO, Shannon Roddy is an Amazon Expert and industry consultant who has worked with over 150 clients to help them launch, grow and protect their brands on the Amazon platform. In addition to creating Online Courses for brand owners, Shannon has provided support for inventors, brands and agencies to leverage new opportunities on the Amazon platform.

About Volitant Consulting Services

Volitant Consulting was founded with the vision of helping product companies, entrepreneurs, and business owners understand and learn how to incorporate Amazon as a successful sales avenue without all of the stress and headache. Over 3.5 years Volitant has helped a multitude of direct-to-consumer brands and their teams achieve a new level of success on Amazon, in some cases with an increase of 10x Year over Year growth.

Founders Justin and Teresa Coats are wizards at guiding brands to success on Amazon. They have successfully demonstrated the ability to integrate themselves and their team with brands at various stages of their evolution – from those that are starting from zero, to those that have been managing the Amazon game for years – by creating an immersive experience that results in an open and transparent relationship & holistic business strategy aimed at elevating the entire brand’s business, not just their Amazon sales.

About Avenue7Media

Avenue7Media is a software-enabled service business that provides every aspect of Amazon, Walmart and other ecommerce marketplace managed services, in an effort to support its clients’ growth and ecommerce sales strategy.

Founder Jason Boyce, is a former U. S. Marine,  a former top 200 Amazon Seller, a former Top 1000 direct-to-consumer eCommerce seller, and co-author of The Amazon Jungle.  He started Avenue7Media with the mission to change the lives of Sellers by harnessing the power of Amazon for direct-to-consumer product brands. Our proven methods, informed by 20 years of top-ranking eCommerce and online marketplace success, put our organization in the shoes of the talented leaders and entrepreneurs they represent. Avenue7Media’s high-performing teams dramatically improve brand presentation and sales performance for seven, eight, and nine-figure brands. 

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