TikTok Advertising Manager – PH

Position Responsibilities:

This role involves a range of responsibilities aimed at maximizing client revenue, enhancing consumer engagement, and increasing brand awareness on TikTok. The key responsibilities include:

  • TikTok Shop Seller Central Account Creation and Ongoing Management:

Establishing and maintaining TikTok Shop Seller Central accounts for clients.

Continuous management of accounts to ensure compliance and optimal performance.

  • TikTok Shop Custom Storefront Creation:

Designing and implementing unique and appealing custom storefronts on TikTok Shop.

Tailoring storefronts to align with the brand identity and enhance the user experience.

  • TikTok Shop Product Catalog Management and Order Management:

Assisting clients with the management of their TikTok Shop product catalogs.

Efficiently handling order management processes to ensure timely fulfillment.

  • Summarizing, Evaluating, and Making Recommendations:

Analyzing TikTok Shop Analytics to provide comprehensive performance summaries.

Evaluating key metrics and recommending strategies for increased growth and improved overall performance.

  • TikTok Shopping Ads Creation and Management:

Developing and implementing TikTok Shopping Ads to align with client budget and revenue goals.

Continuous monitoring and optimization of ads to maximize effectiveness and return on investment.

Job Requirements and Key Competencies:

  • Proven experience in managing TikTok accounts for business purposes with In-depth knowledge of TikTok’s advertising platform and algorithm.
  • Demonstrated success in creating and implementing effective TikTok advertising strategies.
  • Ability to identify trends, analyze data, and make data-driven decisions to optimize campaigns.
  • Understanding of current TikTok trends and the ability to incorporate them into advertising strategies.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with clients, team members, and other stakeholders.
  • Ability to stay updated on industry changes and incorporate them into strategies.
  • A commitment to staying informed about TikTok updates, new features, and industry best practices.

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February 28, 2024