In this episode, Shannon and I provide an in-depth recap of The Prosper Show 2023, one of the leading eCommerce conferences in the United States, and the Roth Capital Conference, both of which we attended.

The Roth Conference is held annually at Dana Point, where big and small companies looking to pitch and deep-pocketed investors meet. 

In this year’s conference, I was invited for a panel discussion on Amazon Vs. E-Commerce: A Post-Pandemic Tipping Point Coming Up? It was a fascinating discussion, but one thing we all agreed on was we are not seeing a decline in revenues from the Amazon channel for our client bases.

The Prosper Show is one we always look forward to attending every year. It is an event that brings together thousands of Amazon sellers, eCommerce professionals, experts, and business owners from all over the world to share knowledge and insights on the latest trends, tools, and strategies in the eCommerce industry.

Prosper Show 2023 Highlights

In this year’s show, Shannon had a presentation on Amazon SEO which undoubtedly delivered excellently, while I was moderating the Trends and Prediction Panel, which is always a popular session.

Overall, Shannon and I felt the quality of the presentations and attendees, the networking opportunities, and the energy at the Prosper Show were great and improved from previous years. There was a lot of learning, community building, and networking going on.  

One key takeaway from both conferences was that a recession is coming. However, this is not the time to hunker down and cut down on your advertising; it’s time to pounce and eat into your competitor’s market share.

But we have so much more for you in this episode from both conferences. Tune in!

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