Moms. You might picture them chasing after toddlers or packing lunches, and yes, part of their reality involves those things. But here’s a fact that may surprise you: they’re the economic force driving consumer markets.

Picture them less as stressed-out parents and more as confident shoppers with credit cards in hand. They’re not just buying diapers and snacks; they’re the real decision-makers behind a vast range of household purchases.

In this episode, I spoke with Maria Bailey, an authority on marketing to moms, award-winning author, radio host, former Lifetime TV host, speaker, and CEO of BSM Media.

We explored why businesses simply can’t afford to ignore the massive purchasing power of mothers. Here’s what you need to know:

Moms – The CEOs of Family Spending

It’s not an exaggeration: moms are holding the purse strings. They influence a breathtaking amount of household spending. If you haven’t adjusted your marketing strategies with this in mind, you’re leaving money on the table. 

Forget outdated stereotypes of moms primarily shopping for baby clothes and groceries. Today’s mothers are making calls on everything from family vacations to electronics to financial investments.

“Moms are the largest consumer group in the United States.” 

Maria Bailey

Meet the Gen Z Moms: Tech-Savvy and Purpose-Driven

Understanding the mom market means recognizing it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. Gen Z moms are now joining the ranks, and they bring their own unique perspectives and habits. 

These digital natives rely heavily on online reviews, social media recommendations, and influencer input before making purchases. Generic messaging won’t cut it; they want to see brands that resonate with their values and offer a sense of authenticity and purpose.

Marketing to Moms That Works

Maria emphasizes the importance of understanding what moms actually value. While they’re the ones pulling out the credit card, their decisions center on things like their family’s health and well-being, saving time, and making life easier.

Marketing campaigns need to address these priorities. Showcasing how your products or services help busy moms achieve their goals will get their attention far more than simply pushing the product itself.

“If you’re not paying attention to moms, you cannot win, even for products where moms might not be the end user.”

Jason Boyce

Closing Thoughts

Brands that overlook moms as a key consumer group do so at their own peril. The most successful eCommerce businesses will be those that recognize how to tap into their influence and decision-making power. 

Understanding that moms are a diverse and evolving group, prioritizing online reviews, and aligning brand messaging with moms’ core values – are the key components of a winning marketing strategy in today’s economy.

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