Over 17 years, Avenue7Media has grown a top-200 seller on Amazon, substantially improved sales performance for six, seven and eight-figure brands, and contributed to greater than 2X growth for most of our clients.

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Founder and CEO

Our founder, Jason Boyce, began selling direct to consumer as an e-commerce retailer in 2002, and a third party Amazon merchant in 2003.  Together with his A+ teams, he has bootstrapped several of his own brands to success with the Avenue7Media, 7-Step Method developed over a decade and a half of real world trial and error.  These methods helped Jason’s company become a Top 200 Amazon Seller and a top 1,000 E-commerce seller according to Internet Retailer Magazine.

In 2014, while speaking at several Amazon Selling and E-commerce conferences, our founder realized that helping others succeed was more meaningful than growing his own brands.  He began supporting a small group of sellers in 2015 which spawned Avenue7Media, a 21st century product marketing agency.

Jason Boyce

Jason Boyce

CEO & Founder

7-Steps to Amazon Success (Proven)

Avenue7Media’s proven 7-Step Process flips that story so that your brand benefits from the firehose of traffic on Amazon.

We manage everything:

Register Your Brand

 Research your Industry

 Optimize Your Listings

Manage Your FBA Inventory

Drive Your Traffic

 Serve Your Customers

 Launch, Learn, Act, Repeat

You can focus on creating amazing products for your customers.

Satisfied Customers Tell Our Story

“Amazon is such a contorted organization to work with that we realized we needed a team of specialists if we had hope of truly breaking into that market. We felt continually frustrated. Avenue7Media helped us make numerous course corrections. Now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, with genuine hope of seeing success in this arena.”

Dr. Shawn Seitz

Alpha Tech Pet, Inc.

“After over a year of trying, only one of our eight products was selling on Amazon. We couldn’t manage the demands Amazon tasked us with and couldn’t figure out their secret sauce. Avenue7Media changed our world. Within months our account was cleaned up and sales escalated on all of our products.

It was a complete turnaround. Now we have a thriving Amazon account and are in the process of adding new products.

I highly recommend Avenue7Media. They are worth every penny and are the perfect Amazon insurance policy.”

Randy Barth

Honce Oui Media

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