Major eCommerce players Amazon and Shopify have recently struck a significant deal that’s shaking up the industry.

This partnership involves the introduction of the “Buy with Prime” feature, among other exciting developments. Buy with Prime is a feature that has the potential to revolutionize the way shoppers on Shopify access Amazon Prime benefits.

BwP is a game-changer for sellers because it’s the only way to tap into Amazon Prime’s customer base.

While some sellers initially had concerns about sharing customer data with Amazon, BwP actually flips the script, enabling sellers to expand their customer database with Prime members.

For both Amazon and Shopify, this is a win-win partnership as they get to leverage each other’s strengths.

In addition to the Shopify deal, there are clear signs that Amazon is shifting its approach to embrace a more supportive role as an enabler of eCommerce for the brands and sellers who sell through its online store.

As we noticed at Amazon’s Accelerate event, it’s clear that the eCommerce giant is becoming more open than ever before. Amazon Emerald, an integration partnership offering SaaS tools directly within Seller Central, is a testament to this openness.

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Does Buy with Prime Increase Conversion Rates? 

First, let’s address the burning question: Has Buy with Prime improved conversion rates for DTC sellers?

The short answer is yes, and it’s not just about immediate conversions.

It’s about securing a valuable place in the ever-growing customer database. 

Here’s why: Prime Customers Are Prime Targets

Buy with Prime is not just another payment option; it’s the gateway to Amazon Prime’s extensive customer base. By offering this option, sellers gain access to a pool of Prime shoppers known for their loyalty and frequent purchases. These are customers who are actively seeking convenience and quick delivery – and they could become your loyal customers, too.

Future Marketing Opportunities

When you integrate Buy with Prime into your eCommerce setup, you’re not just completing a transaction; you’re creating a valuable data connection. This connection allows you to add Prime customers to your own customer database.

As we all know, customer data is gold. It enables you to tailor your marketing and remarketing efforts, providing personalized experiences that can significantly boost your sales.

Shopify’s Leverage in the Buy with Prime Deal 

Recent reports suggest that Shopify exerted significant leverage in negotiations to bring Buy with Prime to its platform. 

Initially, there were concerns about data integration. Amazon feared that without seamless data synchronization, Shopify merchants might opt for Buy with Prime independently.

However, the new Buy with Prime Shopify App addresses these concerns by enabling automatic synchronization of orders, promotions, listings, and taxes within the Shopify Admin interface.

This integration streamlines operations and empowers merchants with greater control over their eCommerce activities.

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