In this episode, Jason Boyce chats with Scott Reid, President & CEO at Dormeo North America. Scott’s career has been marked by his success in building $100 million brands both in the good ol’ USA and all the way over in Japan using the power of Direct TV. He is a master of Media Efficiency Ratios (MER), which Amazon sellers may recognize as TACoS.

Scott and his company’s marketing strategy for success in the Japanese market involved identifying products that were already successful in North America and replicating them in Japan through the use of Direct Response TV.

There are many cool things that Amazon sellers can learn from Scott’s successes when it comes to launching a product in a new market, building brand awareness, measuring the performance of your marketing campaigns, and defending your brand.

We cover these topics in detail in the episode, as well as other great insights.

Tune in!


The Secret to The Success Of DRTV

The secret to achieving success in Direct Response Television (DRTV) advertising hinges on several critical elements. First and foremost, having a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that sets your product or service apart from the competition is paramount.

In the brief time allotted for DRTV ads, the ability to effectively demonstrate the value and innovation of your offering is crucial. Equally vital is the protection of defensible intellectual property (IP), ensuring your brand’s longevity amidst a sea of imitations.

Additionally, any media awareness campaign, including DRTV, should be guided by tangible metrics to measure its performance accurately. Timing is key, aligning your messaging with when your target audience is most receptive.

Lastly, directing relevant traffic to your product, often through online strategies, is vital for continued success. By integrating these elements, you can navigate the complex world of DRTV advertising and build a resilient brand presence that endures.

Why Brands Must Be On Amazon Even with DRTV

One primary reason for being on Amazon is the platform’s extensive reach and the trust that consumers place in it. Without a presence on Amazon, brands risk having knockoffs and counterfeits of their products flood the platform, potentially damaging their business.

This is especially true for products that may not have strong patent protection. It becomes a matter of safeguarding the brand’s reputation and market share. The decision to include Amazon alongside DRTV advertising is driven by the need to protect the brand from imitations and capitalize on Amazon’s reach and consumer trust.

When a brand invests in media campaigns on platforms like the Internet or TV, it’s about creating awareness and generating traffic. Some customers opt to go straight to the Amazon App because of the trust they place in its user-generated reviews, which often hold more weight than reviews on individual websites.

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