If you are going to survive and thrive in eCommerce today, Amazon brand building is a MUST. There’s no question about it.

A great brand allows you to differentiate your products, build trust and justify higher prices. It’s a protective moat that allows you to add value to your customers and build loyalty.

But building a brand is more than just having a logo, a color scheme, and a trademark. It’s ultimately about building an emotional connection and a level of trust that once they see your logo, they unconsciously trust your products.

Think about all the great brands you love and what happens when you see their products.

With all the benefits of a great brand, it is surprising how little time most brand owners dedicate to building an effective brand on amazon.

How to Invent your Brand on Amazon 

How Amazon is a great place to invent your brand or reinvent your brand by reverse engineering what your customers are telling you about your products.

All the Amazon tools available to us go a long way in building a great brand. Brand registry for demographics, reviews, questions, comments on returned products, CTR rates, conversation rates, etc. Utilizing these resources allows you to simultaneously dial in your brand messaging and fine-tune your products to give your customers the best experience. 

“Most customers want to be a part of something exciting, something bigger than themselves. The best brands in the world allow them to do that.” Shannon Roddy

The 6 Elements of an Effective Brand 

In this digital age, there are numerous touchpoints that a potential or existing customer can have with your brand. All these touchpoints are a brand moment and an opportunity to drive that emotional connection. 

The touch points on the Amazon platform are the Amazon brand store, product listing, advertising, images, messaging, product reviews, pricing, and customer service. All these are great opportunities to show the customer what your brand is all about.

Think of a great brand like Apple. Everything about them is about delivering that superior customer experience that their customers have come to love.

For sellers looking to build a great brand on and off Amazon, here are some lessons from Steve Jobs, the master of branding. 

  • Dare to be different 
  • Always challenge the status quo
  • Create an experience 
  • Design matters – make it cool
  • Stay at the leading edge 
  • Authentic testimonials

Tune in 🎧 to this episode as Shannon and I go through all these elements and share some interesting stories about great brands and what we can learn from them as we build our own on Amazon and beyond.  


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