Amazon Brand Registry is a critical element of your brand’s success on Amazon. Once obtained, it offers tons of great benefits to brand owners, not only to grow their brand and sell more but also to protect and defend it from people out to benefit from your sweat.

Even so, most brand owners are not fully leveraging the Brand Registry and don’t understand how to get it, what it does, and, more importantly, what it doesn’t do.

Amazon Brand Registry is a suite of tools designed to help you launch grow, protect your brand, and create a better Amazon customer experience.

Of all Amazon programs, the Brand Registry is arguably the most vital to the success of a brand on Amazon, with Amazon advertising being a close second.

What Brand Registry Doesn’t Do

One point Shannon and I stress about the Brand Registry is what it doesn’t do. We see many sellers make the mistake of thinking that once they get it, that’s it. 

Just because you have, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be frauds imitating your listing and using your brand name and pictures to sell low-quality products. Amazon doesn’t prevent unauthorized sellers from attaching to your listing without your input. 

What the Brand Registry tool does is that it allows you to easily and quickly report them to Amazon to remove those listings.

In this episode, Shannon and I answer your most burning questions about the Brand Registry. We cover everything about the Brand Registry, including:

✅ What is Amazon Brand Registry?

✅ Amazon’s IP Accelerator Program

✅ The benefits of Brand Registry

✅ The power of brand demographics data

✅ Protections offered by Brand Registry

✅ What Brand Registry DOESN’T do

✅ Biggest mistakes brands enrolled in Brand Registry make

Tune in 🎧 to learn more about this powerful tool and how to fully leverage it to sell more!

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