What It Means For Sellers

Founder and CEO, Jason Boyce, joins Avenue7Media’s preferred partner Chris McCabe in clarifying Amazon’s policy on providing coupons, discounts, and deals outside the Amazon platform. Amazon further defined what marketing strategies and reviews-gathering techniques they consider rule-breaking. They updated their  Code of Conduct.

What Changes? 

A lot, for some sellers. They may need to change their entire marketing strategy to accommodate harsher enforcement trends.

Smarter Marketing

Everyone’s on notice to get this right, so pointing fingers at third-party services or blaming others for a violation on your account won’t work. You’ll need a strategy to get buyers aware of your brand, instead of utilizing black hat tactics that put your account at risk of suspension. 

Jason Boyce agreed that:

Amazon is still encouraging driving external traffic to Amazon listings and Amazon Brand Stores, and there is evidence that this traffic improves sales and ranking. I would encourage sellers to drive awareness to their listings and brand store via external traffic. You can even offer a special social media code Discount Coupon to your Amazon listing via social media.

To learn more about how to put these less risky marketing strategies in place, contact Avenue7Media.

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