Your sales are growing, and life is good until, one day, you wake up to a huge drop in sales. A search for your product with keywords you rank well for shows that your product is nowhere on the search results page. You’re the latest example of Amazon suppressed listings.

In the last episode, we spent a lot of time breaking down that nefarious tactic called BuyBox suppression on Amazon that greatly affects product sales.

Today, we talk about search suppression and NCX delisting, which are less severe but still affect your product availability.

Impact of Search Suppression on Product Availability

You know you have been search-suppressed when a product you rank well is nowhere to be found on the search results page. You could be further down the results or even completely delisted due to negative return experiences, which affects your NCX score.

Search suppression is very painful to sellers because it dramatically drops your sales by up to 90%. Sometimes, the action needed is quite simple, but some sellers don’t even know what happened. They just panic when they notice their sales have gone down.

How to Reactivate Search Suppressed Listings 

In this episode, we discuss the 3 main things that can get your listing search suppressed, how to quickly identify when this happens, and what to do to get unsuppressed.

Largely, it all boils down to following the rules and terms of service and listening to customer feedback to lower your return rates.

Doing this will decrease your chances of being search suppressed or delisted and increase your profitability.

Tune in 🎧 to this episode to learn more about search suppression, NCX delistings, and the simple steps you can take to get your sales back.


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