Angela joined the Avenue7Media team with a focus on leadership and operationalizing strategy.

September 1, 2021. Avenue7Media announced today that Angela Murphy has joined Avenue7Media as the COO, providing strategic and operational direction as well as day-to-day leadership aligned with the mission and core values of the company. An experienced operations leader, Angela will join the current leadership team of Founder and CEO, Jason Boyce, and President, Dale Dabbs, in leading the fast-growing Amazon Managed Services business.

Angela is keenly focused on providing the leadership, management, and vision needed in this high-growth, dynamic environment. She will ensure the company has the needed operational controls, talents, systems, and procedures to grow while maintaining financial strength and operating efficiently.

“I have been fortunate to work with Angela for many years, and I know she will bring the focus and leadership that the team at Avenue7Media needs,” said Dabbs. “Her understanding of all facets of the business will allow us to continue to grow at an accelerated rate while delivering exceptional service and growth to our clients.”

Angela shared, “The opportunity to be a part of the Avenue7Media team and help take the organization to the next level is exciting. I have built many teams and developed numerous organizational strategies, but none in such a fast-paced, high-growth industry. I am up for the challenge.”

Prior to Avenue7Media, Angela was COO of Sontiq. In that role, Angela was responsible for Business Operations, Client Management, Customer Support, Strategic Partnerships, and Human Resources. She will bring to Avenue7Media exceptional expertise in connecting the human side of the business with the strategy, process, and systems.

About Avenue7Media

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