Amazon Listing Optimization is the new retail window display.

In the old days, shoppers would be drawn into a retail store by an amazing window display. A shopper’s eyes would be caught by compelling scenes and products and walk into the store to make a purchase.

Today’s retail streets aren’t paved with concrete. They are paved with ones and zeros, and the retail main street is the Amazon search results page.

In this episode, Shannon Roddy & Jason Boyce interview Daniela Bolzmann, founder of Mindful Goods. A female lead company specializing in done-for-you Amazon listing optimization designed to get more clicks and sales to your Amazon listings.

Amazon listings have a lot of requirements to succeed, but Daniela takes us through the key elements you must pay attention to in your listing.

She also shares some mind-staggering stats that every Amazon seller should be interested in.

The Importance of the Main Image in your Listing

Arguably, the main product image is the most important part of your Amazon listing. An eye-catching image will greatly improve your click-through rate, ranking, and conversions.

Gone are the days we used to use poor-quality images that looked like factory spec sheets and still sell on Amazon. Sellers are leveling up, and the competition is only getting fiercer. You need high-quality images to catch the attention of shoppers.

Think of your main images as your digital shelf. Details such as angles, shadows, and orientation, will make shoppers want to grab your product off the shelf.  

Daniela advises that the best way to get a great main image is to use high-quality renders. This gives you an opportunity to show the shopper exactly what they are getting from your product at a glance. Renders make your product appear clearer and crisper.

And now, with Amazon experiments, you can test out different things with your images and get concrete data on what’s working.

Staggering Stats about A+ Content

Amazon reported that A+ content alone lifts sales across the board by 5%. This is just by adding A+ content without even paying much attention to what you are adding in there. The percentage is even higher for brands that put in more effort.

Brands that don’t have any A+ content are seeing their conversion rates go up by 72% to 210% when they add it.

This shows the importance of A+ content for those sellers who don’t have it.

The key to success when optimizing your listing is doing these things we are talking about well. It’s not enough to just have the main image, do a high-quality image, the same with A+ content, brand story, background videos, storefront design, etc.

We’ve seen many sellers do these things just to have them there and then wonder why they don’t have sales.

Tune in to this episode as Daniela, Shannon, and I talk about everything you need to optimize your listing to get those clicks and sales!

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