Every week, I field calls from exasperated brand owners who say. ‘I can’t control my Brand on Amazon.

It’s a mess.

Sellers I’ve never heard of are undercutting my price and trashing my Brand and listings.

I Give up!’

We know this feeling pretty well. Controlling your Brand and destiny on Amazon can seem daunting, but it’s possible and, in fact, a necessity to winning in today’s ecommerce world.

Today’s guest on the podcast is Whitney Gibson, a pioneer in laying the foundation and legal strategy behind helping brands regain control of their Brand on Amazon and online.

Whitney is a partner and leader of Vorys eControl, a nationally recognized firm that helps protect and grow Brand value by controlling online sales.

He takes us through the process of tackling and blocking that has to happen on Amazon from a brand protection and control perspective and the career path he took to becoming the country’s premier Channel Control Law Firm.

The Blocking and Tackling Required for Success on Amazon

So far in the Day 2 Podcast, you’ve heard us go through some of the blocking and tackling required for success on Amazon. We’ve talked about Reactivating Suppressed Listings, How to Beat Amazon Black Hat Sellers in Their Own Game, Amazon Brand Registry Benefits, and Amazon FBA Mistakes to Avoid, among other important topics.

But brand control is perhaps the biggest pillar for growth in the Amazon age because it encapsulates most of the things you need to succeed. 

Control as a Key Pillar of Growth

In the age of Amazon and other huge online marketplaces, most brands are not aware of all the people selling their products. They might not even know where they sourced the inventory and what prices the products are being sold at, among other issues. 

Some of these resellers are unauthorized or even black hat sellers. They have no material investment in your Brand. They are just looking for an opportunity to make a quick sale.

This creates significant risk because the Brand is not in control of what is happening with its products in the marketplaces. The Brand’s reputation and value are at stake in such an environment.

Tune in to this episode to learn more about brand control in the Amazon age and how you can build a fortress around your Buy Box!

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