Amazon will be hold its ninth annual summer shopping Amazon Prime Days on July 11-12. It comes preloaded with brand partners, invite-only deals and recommendations from celebrities and influencers. Like Amazon, Target and Walmart offer summer deals for their subscription program members. Circle Days at Target will be July 9-15 and Walmart+ Week will take place July 11-13. These dates will go head-to-head with Amazon Prime Day.

Jason Boyce, founder and CEO of Amazon seller agency Avenue7Media and author of “The Amazon Jungle,” said he expects a modest Prime Day with gains in the single digits. But, Boyce said, even a big win isn’t going to snuff out the various brush fires facing CEO Andy Jassy, from an FTC antitrust lawsuit over allegedly deceptive Prime sign-up practices to increasing labor and union issues.

“There is so much uncertainty in this year’s macro environment that I’m not sure Prime Day will tell us much about Q4,” said Boyce, also a strategic advisor to Amazon aggregator Unybrands. “The second Prime Day-like event in October will be a better bellwether for Amazon. At this point, no one knows what kind of economy we’re going to have in the back half of 2023, but I don’t think anyone is expecting a banner year.”

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