Amazon, the ecommerce powerhouse, is renowned for its frequent launches and experiments, often unveiling new features in April and October.

It is continuously innovating, continually exploring new avenues, and refining its offerings to defend its huge ecommerce market share and even grow it.

Glimpses of Amazon’s latest tests and innovations have started to emerge, offering a tantalizing preview of what’s in store.

Amazon’s relentless pace of change and continuous testing can overwhelm sellers. While being an early adopter of new features may not always yield long-term benefits, staying informed is crucial for making informed decisions for your business.

Keeping a finger on the pulse of Amazon’s developments, businesses can adapt their strategies to harness opportunities and provide an exceptional shopping experience.

In this episode, Shannon and I explore some of the most intriguing developments that have caught our attention. From estimated units sold and AI-driven review summaries to the return of Seller Fulfilled Prime and strategic partnerships, Amazon continues to push boundaries and reshape the online shopping landscape.

Estimated Units Sold and Discrepancies

Recently, Amazon has started displaying estimated units sold on its mobile app. While this move provides valuable insights to both sellers and buyers, it’s important to note that these estimates often differ from those provided by third-party tools like Jungle Scout. The discrepancies highlight the need for sellers to consider multiple data sources when gauging product demand and competition accurately.

AI-Generated Review Summaries 

In an effort to streamline customer experiences, Amazon has turned to generative AI to summarize product reviews. This development marks a shift in the company’s focus, with greater emphasis placed on advertising. Additionally, rumors suggest that Amazon plans to incorporate a “ChatGPT-like” search function into its store, offering users a more conversational and intuitive shopping experience.

The Return of Seller Fulfilled Prime 

Amazon’s recent announcement regarding the revival of Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)  has sparked curiosity among sellers. The timing of this announcement indicates Amazon’s recognition of the importance of offering flexible fulfillment options, especially in light of recent disruptions. SFP benefits both sellers and shoppers, providing faster shipping times and greater control over inventory management for sellers while enabling customers to access Prime benefits from third-party sellers.

Tune in to learn more about these and other new features Amazon is testing and what Shannon and I think about them.

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