Acquiring third-party sellers on Amazon is an industry growing faster than anyone’s wildest dreams.

CEO and Founder, Jason Boyce, weighs in on this e-commerce trend. Acquiring Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) businesses has become an increasingly popular trend, with dozens of “roll-up” companies cropping up throughout the world. In a nutshell, they purchase third-party sellers for thousands and even millions of dollars and then take over the ins and outs of the business.

Big picture, Jason Boyce, a longtime third-party seller on Amazon and recent co-author of The Amazon Jungle, said this model isn’t just lucrative for third-party sellers and the companies that acquire them. It also stands to impact the entire direct-to-consumer market going forward.

“I think the aggregators are a part of this D2C group that’s going to sort of taking over the world of brands in the future,” Boyce told Built In. “The future of billion-dollar brands will have started on Amazon.”

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