In a previous episode, we advocated for a shift from a two-day Prime day to a more extended two-week campaign as an investment in your listing. Two and a half weeks post-event, we measured the Best Seller Rank (BSR) for clients who followed our extended campaign strategy, and the results were staggering.

Liz LaVallee, Vice President of Client Growth here at Avenue7Media, highlights the essential post-Prime Day analysis and what sellers should learn from them.

Additionally, Calin Ionescu, our Senior Manager of Advertising, and I just got back from Amazon Unboxed. Amazon is moving fast and making the case for Streaming TV Ads, among other exciting announcements.

Join Liz, Calin, and I in this fascinating discussion as we dive deep into these topics and much more!

The Extended Prime Day Strategy

While many agencies focus solely on the immediate impact of Prime Day, we pride ourselves on looking beyond the event and understanding the long-term benefits for our clients.

We recommended a two-week campaign instead of the conventional two-day approach to observe more substantial and enduring results. The data revealed a remarkable 240% improvement in Best Seller Ranking (BSR) for clients who followed our extended strategy compared to those who opted for the standard two-day event.

Beyond the impressive BSR improvement, clients who participated in any form of discount experienced a 130% boost in revenue compared to an average day. However, those offering a Prime-exclusive discount of 15% or more enjoyed a staggering 185% increase in sales.

Liz emphasized the importance of viewing Prime Day not as a standalone event but as part of a broader strategy. As we approach the holiday season, we have confidence in the sustainability of the gains made during the fall Prime Day event. Participants not only elevated their rankings but also gained market share from competitors.

Embracing the Full Funnel Amazon Strategy

Amazon advertising has changed significantly over the last couple of years. No longer is PPC (Pay-Per-Click) on Amazon just about placing a few cents on keywords; it has transformed into a comprehensive and strategic full-funnel advertising approach.

Sellers must embrace a full-funnel strategy encompassing brand awareness, mid-funnel consideration, and end-of-funnel conversion. This approach acknowledges that the customer journey is not linear and requires a nuanced understanding of how consumers interact with products within a category.

This shift requires sellers to adapt to the changing dynamics of the Amazon ecosystem, where creativity and audience targeting play pivotal roles in driving successful campaigns.

The Democratization of TV Ads Via Streaming TV

In recent years, TV advertising has radically transformed thanks to the democratization of Streaming TV (STV). Once considered the domain of big companies with substantial budgets, STV has become accessible to brands of all sizes, thanks to Amazon’s pioneering efforts.

This shift significantly impacts Amazon sellers, offering new brand exposure and engagement opportunities.

“It’s time to embrace the democratization of TV ads via Streaming TV to boost traffic and position your brand for success.”

Jason Boyce

Among the various STV options, Twitch advertising is a particularly powerful tool for brands. The platform boasts arguably the most important and coveted demographic – 18 to 35-year-olds.

Tune in to the latest Day2 Podcast episode for exclusive analysis of Fall Prime Day BSR results and groundbreaking Amazon Unboxed insights.

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