Ever wondered what it takes to make a brand like OLLY shine on Amazon and other marketplaces? 

Buckle up because today we have the lady who makes the magic happen, the Amazon Manager at OLLY supplements, Summer Jubelirer.

From CommerceHub to Hydralyte, Summer’s been a seasoned veteran in the eCommerce game long before joining OLLY. Now, she tackles the ever-evolving Amazon landscape with a smile and a strategy (and co-hosts a hilarious podcast called “Always Off Brand”).

OLLY is one of the most successful and beautifully branded Amazon businesses globally, and Summer has played a role in this.

With a wealth of experience in the eCommerce realm, Summer takes us on a journey through her career and shares valuable insights into the challenges and surprises faced at OLLY, as well as predictions and thoughts regarding Amazon’s push into Streaming TV in 2024, the Always Off Brand podcast that Summer co-hosts as well as other marketplaces to pay attention to.

Summer also provides a glimpse into where her team will be directing their attention, revealing potential marketplaces beyond Amazon that they are exploring and why these avenues are worth their consideration.  

The Intricacies of Managing a Brand in the Modern Age

Managing a brand on Amazon and beyond comes with its unique set of challenges and triumphs. For Amazon sellers and brands, the journey involves constant adaptation, effective communication, and strategic experimentation.

One of the major challenges lies in communication with the eCommerce giant. Brands often find themselves in a maze of emails, phone calls, and reseller complications when attempting to address and fix variations. The lack of swift responses from Amazon can lead to frustration, highlighting the need for persistence and strategic communication.

Summer shares the day-to-day routine of managing a brand on Amazon and other marketplaces, involving breaking down silos and overcoming internal barriers. From aligning brick-and-mortar strategies with eCommerce requirements to explaining the nuances of diverse marketing channels, brands face the constant challenge of maintaining a cohesive narrative across various platforms.

Amazon Marketing Strategies

In this episode, we also explore Amazon marketing, highlighting tested strategies that bring both surprises and valuable lessons. From the success of an Alexa takeover and Amazon Live events, sellers can navigate the eCommerce giant’s ecosystem with adaptability and innovation.

Despite grappling with attribution challenges, businesses actively find success by driving off-Amazon traffic to product listings, effectively boosting overall sales. 

Tune in to this episode for these and more insights to grow your brand in 2024!

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