Shannon and I just returned from Amazon Accelerate, a 2-day conference in Seattle. We discuss the highlights of the conference, as well as some of the new features and rollouts Amazon is providing for sellers and brands.

Among the major new announced features are Tailored Audiences which will help sellers increase their email marketing reach and build brand loyalty. This will help sellers grow sales with existing customers through free targeted email campaigns.

Sellers have long complained about the lack of tools to connect effectively with their customers on the Amazon platform. All this will soon change. 

In addition to the earlier announced feature allowing sellers to send emails to brand followers, you can now directly target repeat customers from the last 12 months, highest spending customers, and most recent customers with things like product launches and hot deals.

This new feature will be available through the Amazon Customer Engagement Tool.

Enhanced Premium A+ Content to Sell More

During the conference, Amazon disclosed that Basic A+ content improves a listing conversion by up to 8.5% and premium A+ content by up to 20%.

They announced that premium A+ content is now available to sellers who have registered with the Amazon Brand registry at no cost for an extended promotional period.

Small Business Badge

Many customers want to support a small business on Amazon just like they do with brick-and-mortar stores. Previously, it wasn’t easy to discover small business brands and their products.

With the new Small Business Badge, customers can easily search and recognize these brands and even help these sellers to reach the customers.

These are just a few of the many new features coming out of the Amazon Accelerate Seller Conference….tune in for more. 

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