CEO and Founder, Jason Boyce weighs in on the transition from Bezos to Amazon’s new CEO Andy Jassy. What is the impact that Jassy’s tech background will have on Amazon Retailers? Will A1 and Bots replace critical human interactions?

“Amazon is a massive beast, and how the heck do you manage a company that’s really six companies without automation, in a way that makes you profitable?” he said by phone. “But here’s the problem with artificial intelligence. We’re decades away from it being able to start thinking in nuanced ways [like] great managers. They think about an engineering solution that solves 98% of the problems, that’s a good thing in engineering. What they don’t realize is that 2% means tens of thousands of sellers can’t pay their rent that month. There’s a lack of humanity in AI bots, there’s a lack of humanity in the way that Jeff Bezos is thinking about how to hire warehouse workers, and it’s a lot of short term gain with long term pain.”