For many years, big brands and manufacturers have taken a passive approach to Amazon, allowing resellers to sell their products on the platform provided they abide by MAP.

But the reality is that Amazon is unlike any other sales channel. Failing to control and defend your brand can have devasting consequences beyond the platform.

To highlight this point, many sellers will start their product research on Amazon, even if they buy from another website or a brick-and-mortar store. If no other reason we give you in this episode persuades you, then this one should.

The only way to gain control of the marketplace is to establish yourself as the only seller of your brand on Amazon.

Allowing multiple resellers creates additional complexities and ultimately harms your business and your customers. Resellers add zero value to your brand on Amazon.

The question then is, why don’t brands do it?

The HUGE obstacle brands face is the internal belief that it’s okay to let resellers stay on the Amazon Platform. They view themselves as only B2B.

In this episode, Jason and Shannon break down the false beliefs behind this mindset and why being the only seller of your brand on Amazon is the best and only way to succeed.

Value of a Direct Relationship with Your Clients

The distributor model, with very few exceptions, is dying. If you are not willing to have a direct relationship with the consumer, you’ll have your lunch eaten by a smart Amazon upstart Seller brand who gets it.

Most brands relying on a distributor and multiple resellers to sell their products are seeing a decline in market share.

There’s value in having a direct relationship with Amazon shoppers for your brand. You get to control the full customer experience and hear priceless feedback that will help you improve your products and brand.

Benefits of Being a Single Seller of Your Brand on Amazon

As a single seller, you can ensure brand consistency across all listings and the Amazon storefront. You can also execute holistic advertising strategies to defend your brand and gain new market share.

Here at Avenue7Media, our motto is that you should be the only seller of your product on Amazon, and we actually put this in our agreements. The brands we work with must be willing to enforce channel control as a key dependency to be successful.


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