In today’s episode, James Kelly and I run through all the latest stories from Amazon and talk about how they can influence sellers on the platform.

James began selling on Amazon years ago and has since had multiple successful exits and morphed into an incredibly successful brand builder.

In today’s episode, we shed light on some stories, such as accepting Venmo as a payment option, Bezos’ role in the company, and the real story behind Amazon’s stock price.

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Amazon to Accept Venmo?

James and I have both been in the Amazon game long enough to remember when something like this would have been totally crazy.

But since then, Amazon has done a full 180 on its internal policy.

I mean it really wasn’t too long ago when you could purchase listings directly from Amazon and have them redirect straight to your website. That was a pretty big thing at the time, but since then, they have killed it off entirely.

That was when e-commerce and internet marketing was really getting big, so while most people had a really open mind about the entire platform, Amazon changed, and they were mainly focused on just getting people inside their own ecosystem and making sure everyone used their platform first. 

And since then, I guess it’s fair to say that it has worked out for them, right?

Is it Time to Panic over Q3 Results?

So if you turn on the news nowadays, all you’re gonna hear about in relation to Amazon is their lackluster Q3 results.

But as James puts it, all this panic is totally ridiculous.

After all, for a company of Amazon’s size to still be growing at the rate they are growing is absolutely ridiculous. It’s like totally unheard of in human history.

I mean it’s easily in that top tier of the biggest brands in the world, you know?

And as James says, do you think that you would regret buying Amazon stock in 3, 4, or 5 years from now?


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