It’s every seller’s worst nightmare – your Q4 sales are just starting to rocket when Amazon takes action against one of your products. Customers can no longer find or purchase your product, costing you thousands of dollars in sales a day.

The root causes can run the gamut from product quality, catalog issues, performance issues, and many more….

Today I’ll be talking with Malia Kim, the Director of Product Availability, along with James Ford-Bey, our Senior Catalog Consultant here at Avenue7Media, who helps solve these issues for the sellers and brands we work with every day.

“Amazon’s always a constantly changing environment. Amazon changes things, and they don’t always tell sellers about them.” James Ford-Bey

Amazon Product Availability 

Product availability is the #1 thing we look at when analyzing our client’s accounts. It’s amazing how many sellers overlook this, yet if your product is not available, people can’t buy it.

This can cause you thousands of dollars in sales a day, especially if it’s your highest-selling product in the upcoming holiday sales season.

Many sellers make the mistake of thinking that once they set up their Amazon listings, that’s it. The truth of the matter is that listings require constant work to keep them up.

Sometimes, sellers don’t even know that some of their products are not available. Amazon doesn’t always do a good job of communicating when they take a listing down.

But keeping your product listing up all the time is a challenge to sellers due to the fact that Amazon has grown exponentially and become so complex in the past few years and that complexity becomes a burden to sellers and brand owners who want to continue selling on the platform.

“With catalog, it involves a lot of creativity, even if you follow Amazon’s directions. They don’t always work all the time.” Shannon Roddy

We’re excited to share the knowledge we have to help you avoid and overcome this potentially devastating issue.

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