In today’s episode, Jason is joined by Shannon Roddy, as they go through all the latest headlines and updates about Amazon.

Amazon is like a celebrity, so they always end up in the headlines, but as you can find out in today’s episode, sometimes it’s for the wrong reasons.

In today’s episode, you’re gonna hear about the new seller forum, the truth about Amazon’s third quarter earnings, whether Facebook and Google are eating Amazon’s market share, and Amazon’s holiday re-stock limits.

We’re gonna be discussing what this means for Amazon, and how it all affects buyers and sellers using the platform.

Amazon’s New Seller Forum

The Amazon seller forums are places where sellers and buyers can talk, discuss and ask questions to each other.

And up until now, sellers could choose a name that they had, but not anymore.

Now, real business names will be used, and a whole load of people have gone back and deleted posts in a frenzy to ensure that buyers don’t retaliate after their business now.

There are some obvious benefits to doing this. You will find that sellers who were once nasty and aggressive to buyers are now singing to a different tune when they find out that their business name is exposed and they aren’t hiding behind any pseudonym.

There’s no doubt that it’s going to help create a thriving selling community for businesses and improve the forum as a whole.

But of course, the only issue seems to be that Amazon decided to keep this little idea to themselves until it was announced.

If they treated their sellers like true partners, they would have given them even 7, 10, or 14 days notice to go out and clean up the shop. But they just don’t care, do they?

A ‘Slow Growth’ Period?

So recently, Amazon’s CFO announced that they are in a slow growth period, that they missed 3rd quarter earnings, and shares fell around 20%.

But personally, I don’t buy it. 

In my eyes, all that is happening right now is that the Covid bump is going away. They are just giving back some of the inflated gains of the Covid period, from around the middle of 2020 to Q1 of 2022.

That’s all that we’re really talkin’ about.

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