See what makes our Founder and Avenue7Media work so well for brands and Amazon sellers.

In 2020 alone, Amazon’s third-party sellers sold approximately $295 billion worth of products. Amazon’s first-party sales trailed behind $180 billion, with a growth of about 33% from the previous year. What do these statistics mean? They mean that there is a huge, untapped market at the disposal of small businesses and budding entrepreneurs. As long as you are persistent and authentic, you have the opportunity to succeed on the platform and maybe even reach six figures in sales.

In this article:

  1. Top sellers are willing to persevere and play the long game.
  2. They don’t panic and continue to innovate and grow.
  3. They build a great brand using their unique sense of style and authenticity.
  4. They keep track of their metrics and carefully monitor and track them.
  5. They continue to learn by educating themselves and learning how to survive in Amazon’s constantly changing marketplace.