Return rates on Amazon are getting crazy, and so are the negative reviews. 

Many Amazon sellers have been frustrated by this whole experience around returns and the ridiculously awful fees involved because Amazon FBA sucks at processing returns.

But one seller did the unthinkable…

They developed a solution to this problem, approached Amazon, and convinced them that they should allow sellers to communicate directly with the customers to reduce customer returns.

Amazon listened, and the ‘Get Product Support’ Feature was incorporated. In this episode, I am joined by Shannon and Joseph Abitbol, the entrepreneur who developed this feature.

I can’t think of any one solution that solves that many issues that can happen as the Get Product Support Button.” Jason Boyce

How does the Get Product Support Feature works?

The “Get Product Support” feature or “Product Lifecycle Support (PLS)” helps brands save tons of money by avoiding unnecessary product returns, reducing negative product reviews, and learning about customer pain points with their product while achieving direct contact with the customer completely in line with Amazon terms of service.

With the Amazon integration, you can now communicate and provide support directly to Amazon customers from the orders page. 

This is huge because most returns and negative reviews are from issues easily fixed through customer support. 

Even in instances where some parts might be missing, it would be easier to quickly resolve this by sending them replacement parts rather than the whole return process. This is a big benefit to the customer because they get to enjoy the product they bought without the frustration of having to return it.

To the seller, not only do you avoid the huge expense of a return, but you also avoid a potential negative review. In addition, you learn more about your product in case of a manufacturer defect before the returns pile up. 

Brands speaking directly to Amazon customers with the get product support feature helps reduce returns, stop negative reviews, increase brand loyalty and encourages repeat purchases.” Joseph Abitbol

This solution is a no-brainer for any e-commerce entrepreneur. It solves many problems we face with the return process and the associated negative reviews. 

Tune in to hear why this is a must-have product for any serious Amazon seller.

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