In Amazon’s fast-paced and highly competitive landscape, brands need to take advantage of every tool and opportunity available to them to succeed.

One such opportunity is Amazon Storefronts, which allows brands to create their own branded web store within the Amazon platform.

However, many brands fail to leverage the benefits and best practices of Amazon Storefronts and often create a storefront without knowing why or how to prioritize it.

In this episode of the Day2 Podcast, we speak with Carolina Maldonado, our Brand Content Manager at Avenue7Media, also known as the “Brand Whisperer,” about Amazon Storefronts and how brands can effectively use them to build their brand and grow sales.

The Benefits of Having an Amazon Storefront for Brand Owners

So, why should brand owners have an Amazon Storefront? One of the biggest benefits is creative control. It’s the only place shoppers can shop the brand’s entire catalog without being distracted by competitors’ products.

Additionally, a storefront increases the Average Order Value (AOV) by around 10%. Brands can also grow their followers and engagement by posting content on their social media feed within the storefront, which leads to more followers.

Brands can also drive external traffic from Google search results to their storefront and have access to valuable metrics and insights, such as where shoppers are coming from and how much they are spending.

Prioritize Product Listings Before Creating a Storefront

But before creating a storefront, brands should focus on improving their product listings. A storefront is pointless if it leads to bad listings. Brands should ensure that their title, bullets, infographics, and A+ content are well-optimized.

For brands with an extensive catalog, they should prioritize their top sellers and new launches before building their Storefront. However, even having a skeleton storefront is better than having none at all.

If you’re a brand owner with a registered trademark, it’s essential to have an Amazon Storefront and fully utilize it to drive sales. However, if you don’t have the capability to do it in-house, it’s time to outsource and get it done correctly.

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